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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Semi-happy birthday to me

    Today is my birthday and I’m only feeling semi-happy. Despite more than a few cards, and cakes of various sizes and flavors from family, friends and well-wishers, I’m just not that connected to the event of my birth from more than half a century ago. I was born in a year...

  • Short Relief: In LePage v. the Legislature, don't count the governor out

    There is some merit to the governor's positions on whether asylum seekers should get General Assistance and whether he vetoed the Legislature's bill authorizing it. The problem is the governor doesn't explain his positions well, the media isn't inclined to help him, and any merit to his po...

  • Letter:'Welcome to Peyton Place,' a.k.a. Falmouth

    In the 1957 movie "Peyton Place," actor Lloyd Nolan, in a dramatic courtroom scene, criticizes his fellow citizens as being hypocrites. On Dec. 15, Falmouth’s Community Development Committee will meet to decide the fate of Section 8.3(e) of the town’s zoning ordinance. This se...

  • Letter: Our problem is spending, not Republicans

    I'd like to present two comments regarding Edgar Allen Beem's rants about the Republican Party. First, he pronounced that "the stunning failure of the congressional supercommittee to agree on reducing the deficit by $1.2 trillion was entirely a function of the unwillingness of Republican... 1

  • Letter: Thankful for good Samaritans

    On the day before Thanksgiving, after having spent the previous day having what I thought were snow tires put on our Volvo wagon, I was coming back in the snow and slush from delivering our dog to boarding in Yarmouth, when I slid off Greely Road in Cumberland opposite Doughty Road. As I was rea...

  • Letter: Candidate appreciates voters' support

    I want to express my thanks to the 5,617 voters who supported my campaign for Cumberland County commissioner, and my theme of thoughtful, moderate governance. We received a respectable 45 percent of the vote. I am particularly humbled by the 85 percent vote of support in Gray from those who know ...

  • Letter: Falmouth bus vote sets good example

    I was very happy and grateful that Falmouth councilors recently voted to continue funding for the Falmouth Flyer bus. And it was heartening to read all the support expressed in letters to the editor. It shows a great community of thought and those of us in neighboring towns should take note. ...

  • Letter: Beem forgot to mention Collins, Snowe

    I wholeheartedly agree with the comments made by Edgar Allen Beem in his Dec. 1 column. I would add our two Republican senators, purported by some to be moderates, and in particular Sen. Olympia Snowe, are both very much in sync with their conservative counterparts described by Beem. They do no...

  • Letter: Quiet zones will have consequences

    The proponents of the no-whistle trains point out how safe the railway crossings are going to be with the installation of the special barriers and lights and gates (some of it, I imagine, at taxpayer expense). So now, we have about 50 feet of track, that is very safe. They make no mention however... 1

  • Letter: Disagreeing with Beem on tar-sands oil

    I heartily disagree with Edgar Allen Beem in his essay against the extraction of oil from tar sands in Alberta and the pipeline to bring it to Texas. Until the time we can rely on wind power, sun power, natural gas and other sources, this country needs a reliable source of oil to heat and light o... 1