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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: The flag isn't South Carolina's only problem

    There is an old Scottish proverb with more than a little Biblical linkage: “Confession is good for the soul.” Always aspiring to provide goodness to the soul (mine or to others) I go forth today with a timely and topical deep-fried confession. For many years now I’ve held...

  • Capitol Notebook: Country finds grace, LePage faces a fall from it

    Friday, June 26, dawned like many recent June days; gray clouds hung in, and an unexpected rain had dampened the ground over the night. When that day ended, the world had shifted, moved by two stunning events. The United States Supreme Court affirmed that same-sex marriage is legal ...

  • Letter: What's unsaid about OccupyMaine, welfare fraud

    My comment plays to Edgar Allen Beem's recent Universal Notebook commentary of our governor's proposal to drug test welfare recipients. No doubt Gov. LePage received another anonymous letter. (I suppose it sounds better then hearing voices.) But it also feeds into other newspapers' recent arti... 1

  • Forecaster Forum: Metro's Flyer bus is a failure in Falmouth

    Facts are stubborn things and the facts associated with Metro service in Falmouth differ greatly from the feelings proponents have for the bus. Proponents see the Falmouth Flyer as a social service, an environmental contribution and an economic investment in Falmouth’s future. For so... 1

  • Letter: Falmouth bus service matters to UMaine

    The University of Maine Regional Learning Center programs at Tidewater Farm in Falmouth are in full swing. As we reach more individuals, families and businesses from Falmouth and the region, we find that an increasing number are using the Metro bus service, including our employees. When we...

  • Letter: The comfort of Falmouth

    As a recent "immigrant," I am so pleased to be living in Falmouth, a thoughtful community of people with varied ages. In our 70s, we have one car and it is a joy to arrange one's day with a dropping off at the Maine Medical Center Falmouth campus for required blood work, then easily and safely w...

  • Letter: Grateful for the Falmouth Flyer

    I'd like to say how grateful I am for Metro's Falmouth Flyer. As a senior without a car, it affords me independence and freedom of movement. From Hat Trick Drive in Falmouth I have access to the Audubon Society, to doctors' appointments, to the Public Market and Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, an...

  • Letter: NYA Class of '61 gives back

    What does it mean when a high school class reunites after 50 years? Reconnections and recollections of times spent together? In the case of the North Yarmouth Academy Class of 1961 it also means saying thank-you to a town that gave them so many memories. How to give a long-distance hug to the tow...

  • Letter: Freeport candidate appreciates support

    I want to give my heart-felt and deepest thanks to everyone who supported me in the recent Freeport Town Council election. It was my first time running for public office and I was clearly the underdog. Nevertheless, out of the 2,976 votes cast, I came within just 98 votes of winning the at-larg...

  • Letter: Spending 'Thinksgiving' with the Beems

    Should Edgar Allen Beem ultimately support fiscal realities or will he buckle to family, guilt-driven priorities with an $80, well-adjusted, semi-range fowl. Will collective conscience demand a leathery piece of natural meat tracing its life from happy egg to contented brush to dinner plate, rath... 1