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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Semi-happy birthday to me

    Today is my birthday and I’m only feeling semi-happy. Despite more than a few cards, and cakes of various sizes and flavors from family, friends and well-wishers, I’m just not that connected to the event of my birth from more than half a century ago. I was born in a year...

  • Short Relief: In LePage v. the Legislature, don't count the governor out

    There is some merit to the governor's positions on whether asylum seekers should get General Assistance and whether he vetoed the Legislature's bill authorizing it. The problem is the governor doesn't explain his positions well, the media isn't inclined to help him, and any merit to his po...

  • Forecaster Forum: Becoming a citizen without batting an eye

    On Dec. 16, the U.S. District Court in Portland was packed with newly minted U.S. citizens and those of us who were there to cheer them on. The more than 40 people who took their oath that day came from 19 different countries, an immigration officer told us, but by the end of the ceremony ...

  • Forecaster Forum: My time at Walmart: Why we need serious welfare reform

    During the 2010 and 2011 summers, I was a cashier at Walmart in Scarborough. I spent hours upon hours toiling away at a register, scanning, bagging, and dealing with questionable clientele. These were all expected parts of the job, and I was OK with it. What I didn’t expect to be ... 27

  • Superintendent's Notebook: From civil rights to plate tectonics: A week in the life of Portland’s schools

    Learning takes place in hundreds of ways each day in the classrooms of the Portland Public Schools. Sometimes, it’s loud and exuberant. Other times, children quietly calculate equations, sketch a still life, edit an essay. Our teachers create the conditions for learning and nudge i...

  • Letter: HolidayFest a success in South Portland

    More than 1,500 people came to South Portland's Mill Creek Park on Dec. 2 to kick off the festive season, making HolidayFest 2011 a huge success. In the park, people enjoyed the sounds of holiday carols performed by the South Portland High School and Middle School choruses; horse-drawn carriage ...

  • Letter: Falmouth church prepares for future

    On behalf of the Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin, I wish to thank The Forecaster for its coverage of the church’s renovation plans in the Dec. 15 edition. We would like to take the opportunity to provide an important correction: The work will increase the Parish House space ...

  • Letter: Sad season for SAD 51 parent

    My family is steeped in the Greely tradition; my children are the third generation to attend Greely High School. I was very disappointed to discover that one entire week in late October was devoted to the celebration of gay, lesbian and trans-sexual lifestyles at the high school. A movie was sh... 5

  • Letter: Column understates cost of rail construction

    Tony Donovan’s Dec. 7 op-ed on light rail cost per mile versus highway cost miles is misleading. He states that to build a mile of light (passenger) rail costs the same... 2

  • Editorial: The irony of OccupyMaine, Portland and the 1st Amendment

    Irony was probably not what the city of Portland had in mind when it gave OccupyMaine until Thursday, Dec. 15, to either challenge or acquiesce to an order to vacate Lincoln Park. But talk about ironic: Dec. 15 is the 220th anniversary of the ratification of the First Amendment and Bill of...