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  • The Right View: Mutual tolerance is not an option

    “COEXIST”? I don’t know about you, but I’m rather tired of being lectured to by liberals via bumper-stickers. You don’t coexist with animals who cut off people’s heads with knives and send the footage out around the world on YouTube, or drive tens...

  • Short Relief: Minimum wage discussion is too important to keep under wraps

    The United States has had a national minimum wage since 1938, when Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. It was the result of a long, public, contentious process. As part of his New Deal to combat the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt had been trying to find a way to p...

  • Letter: Put smart meters in perspective

    The hoopla over the electric smart meters is a little baffling. I don't question the symptoms people are feeling, but I do question whether they've done their homework before making a diagnosis. If we were talking about toxic pollutants, it would make sense to raise an alarm and not wait ... 4

  • Global Matters: Get over it and do the right thing

    There’s not much good you can say about losing your job. The loss of income, the loss of security, the loss of benefits, the damage to one’s self-esteem and sense of worth – all are part of the unwanted severance package that accompanies the pink slip. In the end t...

  • Letter: Newman engenders confidence

    Recently, Perry B. Newman summarized his reaction to the November election and clearly remembered both his disappointment (over Eliot Cutler's defeat) and the affect on him of what he described as "meanness" shown in the campaign. Mr. Newman is a very upbeat and positive person and that is eviden... 1

  • Letter: It's the dialog that matters

    I have been reading Edgar Allen Beem's columns for a while now, and have disagreed with him on most political things that he says. I do, however, respect his right to say anything. There have been times when I wanted to respond, but didn't for various reasons. Now, however, I find I must respond,...

  • Letter: Cowards hide behind anonymous opinion

    I have to say I'm deeply disappointed to read the The Forecaster is even considering the publication of anonymous letters in its print editions ("Editor's Notebook," Dec. 8-10). To my mind, the flood of uninformed, scurrilous, often illiterate garbage on media websites is an increasingly negative...

  • The Universal Notebook: 'Mr. President, why do you hate us?'

    Back on April Fool’s Day, when President Barack Obama spoke in support of health care reform at the Portland Exposition Building, among the tea party protesters outside was a lady carrying a sign that read “Mr. President, why do you hate us?” Eight months later, liberal D... 9

  • No Sugar Added: Coming out of the closet (again)

    I have a confession to make. I’m done living a lie. I’m coming out. Of the closet. No, I am not here to tell you, dear readers, that I am a lesbian. Although, during my seven years of dating, I have more than once considered taking the alternate path. No, when I say closet, I a...

  • Superintendent’s Notebook: Nothing wrong with kids these days

    I often hear phrases that start “Kids these days ...” and imply that youngsters are less thoughtful, caring or engaged than in past generations. Sometimes, people ask me, “What are young people thinking?” Or they remark, “I don’t know what’s happening w...