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  • The Universal Notebook: We are all illegal immigrants

    So President Barack Obama has finally decided to bypass Congress and enact sweeping immigration reforms himself. It's about time. House Republicans long ago forfeited the right to be considered anything other than obstructionist ideologues. They care more about winning than they do about s...

  • The Right View: Teach your children what it means to be an American

    On the occasion of America’s 238th birthday, I find myself wondering about our current state of affairs, and how we got here. I think I may have an idea. To the parents and grandparents out there, I ask this: Sit down with your children or grandchildren, and quiz them on the Constitu...

  • The Universal Notebook: NIMBY, the way life should be

    Economic development officials, chamber-of-commerce types and conservative politicians are forever complaining about Maine’s anti-business climate. Does it ever occur to them that Maine makes development difficult through land use regulations, zoning ordinances and environmental impa... 3

  • Letter: Falmouth citizens should vote on buildings

    Falmouth’s Town Council is divided about what to do with the Lunt and Plummer-Motz schools after these historic buildings are vacated in June. Some councilors support letting residents vote on keeping the buildings and part of the surrounding acreage in civic use, as proposed by a committee...

  • Letter: Students react to playground vandals

    Recently our school tether ball games at Mast Landing School were vandalized. One pole was snapped, one ball was punctured, and another ball was thrown into our school pond. Past fifth-graders who are currently in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades bought the two tether ball sets. These students p...

  • Letter: Volk thanks constituents, campaign workers

    Becoming the Representative-elect of Scarborough's District 127 was an honor. When the final results were in and it was clear that Republicans had taken majorities in  the State House and Senate, as well as the governorship, I realized just how historic our achievement was. Maine voters have...

  • The Universal Notebook: Mainers immune to hardcore tea party hysteria

    Let’s recap, shall we? Eight years of Neo-Con Republican leadership in Washington created a huge national deficit, embroiled the U.S. in two endless wars, and enabled credit and investment excesses that nearly destroyed the world economy. In 2008, therefore, Americans elected the pro... 4

  • The Superintendent's Notebook: New ideas for extracurricular activities

    As I write this column, the Deering High School Rams are preparing to compete in the Western Maine Class A football finals. The Portland High School boys’ soccer team has just completed an exciting season that brought the Bulldogs all the way to the state championship. Whether our s... 1

  • No Sugar Added: Sleighbells ring

    I heard the bells on Christmas day. OK, so it wasn’t exactly Christmas day. It was more like mid-October. I thought perhaps I had developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears), but no, indeed, there were bells. Silver bells. The kind Rudolph wears. I had ventured into Home G...

  • Letter: Corthell thanks supporters for learning experience

    I want to thank everyone involved in local government and politics for a great first-time experience in running for a local government office. As much as I have volunteered for political campaigns of various sizes and types, I was still not quite prepared for the experience of being a candidate ...