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  • Letter: Keep residential areas commerce-free in Freeport

    The Save Our Neighborhoods Coalition in Freeport is not opposed to Seacoast United’s indoor soccer arena being built in a suitable part of town, but we do oppose changing the zoning of a rural residential neighborhood to accommodate the building in its midst. This huge building for a pay-f...

  • Letter: Beem column inspires a bumper sticker

    I just saw Edgar Allen Beem’s piece in The Forecaster ("The Universal Notebook: Just say no to growth") and wanted to mention a bumper sticker, “Question Growth&r...

  • Letter: OccupyMaine doesn't represent the 98%

    Just picked up the Portland edition. I can't tell you how totally disgusted I am seeing a picture of this so-called American burning the flag in Lincoln Park. Just where did these people get their brains, at the school of Numb-R-Us? Harry Brown states "(The flag) no longer stands for what ...

  • Letter: Beem column is right about growth

    How refreshing to read a column in a local newspaper that speaks to the end of growth ("The Universal Notebook: Just say no to growth"). It is my belief that if the public w...

  • Short Relief: Romney for president

    I happened to be in Columbia, S.C., the week before the Republican primary. It was 70 degrees and sunny at noon. I ate all my favorite southern comfort foods: mustard-based barbecue, chicken gumbo, collard greens, grits with shrimp gravy, dirty rice and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. In the loc... 2

  • Letter: Thanks for Casco's safe return

    As many people are aware, I was involved in a serious automobile accident on the evening of Jan. 16 in Falmouth. My two Chesapeake Bay retrievers were kenneled and strapped down securely in the back bed of my truck. Because of the severity of the accident, one kennel was ejected from my truck. I ...

  • The Universal Notebook: What I like about funerals

    At the risk of sounding glib or ghoulish, I must say I do enjoy a good funeral. And that’s a good thing because, by my own unreliable count, I attended at least eight over the past year.M y father-in-law and one of my brothers-in-law died last year, as did a family friend and five or six me... 1

  • The View From Away: Let's talk turkey (and fox, and moose ...)

    You don’t see a lot of wildlife in New York or Los Angeles. Well, a lot of the citizens are pretty feral, like the kid at Macy’s in Manhattan who shoved in between Carol and me to steal watches from the display case where we were standing. When I threw him across the store ais...