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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Semi-happy birthday to me

    Today is my birthday and I’m only feeling semi-happy. Despite more than a few cards, and cakes of various sizes and flavors from family, friends and well-wishers, I’m just not that connected to the event of my birth from more than half a century ago. I was born in a year...

  • Short Relief: In LePage v. the Legislature, don't count the governor out

    There is some merit to the governor's positions on whether asylum seekers should get General Assistance and whether he vetoed the Legislature's bill authorizing it. The problem is the governor doesn't explain his positions well, the media isn't inclined to help him, and any merit to his po...

  • Letter: More to life than the 14th Amendment

    Tom Crotty's letter criticized Edgar Allan Beem for failing to do his homework, but Crotty's assertion that Hitler and Mussolini were left-wing...

  • Letter: Beem evokes sarcasm about Ron Paul

    How dare Edgar Allen Beem write about Dr. Ron Paul in terms that make him look like a self-serving, disoriented buffoon, when we know that only gold, grits, guns and God will save this Republic. And to denigrate his charming son Rand? Shame on you, Mr. Beem. You would never say those mean things ... 1

  • Letter: Yarmouth will miss Vogel, Sultan

    I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I was extremely pleased to see the charming article about Officer Mike Vogel and his K...

  • Letter: Don't change Freeport's landscape

    A fact sheet on the Seacoast United soccer project is posted on Freeport’s website. It contains misleading information. It appears that the purpose of this document is to somehow substantiate that granting a request from a commercial developer for an amendment to zoning laws that protect o...

  • The Universal Notebook: LePage, Bowen let down public schools

    The LePage administration’s education agenda, it should come as no surprise to anyone, comes straight out of the ultra-conservative American Legislative Exchange Council playbook, by way of the ultra-conservative Maine Heritage Policy Center, by way of the ultra-conservative Commissioner of... 9

  • Letter: Count on folks in Freeport, Pownal

    Since December, we have witnessed the generosity of Freeport and Pownal citizens on repeated occasions. Celebrating Freeport Community Services’ (FCS) mission of neighbor helping neighbor, an increasing number of people have contributed record donations through FCS’s White Nights Fun...

  • Forecaster Forum: Brunswick School Dept. fails to plan, plans for bailout

    The Brunswick School Department is in full five-alarm posture over the budget for the coming school year. A full three months before town budget hearings begin, they’re knocking on doors, sending out emails, scheduling public meetings, and otherwise doing everything they can to convi... 9

  • The View From Away: This limited-edition, one-of-a-kind beer is for you, Maine

    One of the many reasons I love Maine is it hasn’t been completely taken over by the mass culture/franchise system. Los Angeles has some good qualities, but the constant barrage of slick consumerism wears you down. Sure, there are still successful unique small businesses, but you hav...