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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Semi-happy birthday to me

    Today is my birthday and I’m only feeling semi-happy. Despite more than a few cards, and cakes of various sizes and flavors from family, friends and well-wishers, I’m just not that connected to the event of my birth from more than half a century ago. I was born in a year...

  • Short Relief: In LePage v. the Legislature, don't count the governor out

    There is some merit to the governor's positions on whether asylum seekers should get General Assistance and whether he vetoed the Legislature's bill authorizing it. The problem is the governor doesn't explain his positions well, the media isn't inclined to help him, and any merit to his po...

  • Letter: South Portland officials out of touch with residents

    A $4 million  oversight for the new high school, wow, that is surprising. Maybe we can make up the shortfall by fining residents for not recycling at $250 a pop, should be no problem. It’s also hard to see the color difference in the cans because the city saved so much money on taking ...

  • The Universal Notebook: Old age, old Maine

    In recent months I have spent a great deal of time at Maine Medical Center and Brentwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, not to mention the offices of primary care physicians and various specialists, as we do our best to stay on top of my elderly parents’ various health issues. Th... 2

  • Letter: Beem exists in an 'alternate universe'

    We discover yet another galaxy in Edgar Allen Beem's alternate universe thanks to his latest column. Anthony Kennedy a "conservative activ... 1

  • Letter: Engage in Falmouth water view discussion

    Creating a water overlay district is the correct first step for the Falmouth Town Council in its efforts to provide clarity around water view protection and to clean up the unintended consequences of the 2006 amendment to the zoning ordinance. The 2006 amendment currently forces those with noncon...

  • Letter: Beem promotes 'socialist agenda'

    Have you noticed how our local liberal, Edgar Allen Beem, always denigrates those of opposite political views with the most vicious personal characterizations? Michele Bachman becomes the "Mad-woman of Minnesota," Cain becomes "Herman the Horny," "Newt the Transformer" and Ron Paul has "holes in ... 1

  • The View From Away: Living with ADD (theirs, not mine)

    Drove down to Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago to have lunch with our son. Bobby came in from Chicago to see his girlfriend. Not us, his blood, the people who gave him life. Oh, no. The GF, and her family. Yeah. He’ll stay with them, no problem. Because that’s where ... she ... is....

  • Short Relief: She's no party animal, but Snowe will be missed

    I was surprised by U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe’s announcement she would not seek re-election. I heard the rumor last year that she might not seek a fourth term. But when she declared, I figured she was all in, and I was with her. I made a modest contribution and attended a fundraiser in ...

  • Editorial: Public access to the governor's office is a basic right

    It's your right to know; learn how to use it Even if Gov. Paul LePage were not trying to keep the working papers of his office beyond the eyes of the public, this would be a good time for every Mainer to become familiar with the state's Freedom of Access Act. In fact, there may be...