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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: The flag isn't South Carolina's only problem

    There is an old Scottish proverb with more than a little Biblical linkage: “Confession is good for the soul.” Always aspiring to provide goodness to the soul (mine or to others) I go forth today with a timely and topical deep-fried confession. For many years now I’ve held...

  • Capitol Notebook: Country finds grace, LePage faces a fall from it

    Friday, June 26, dawned like many recent June days; gray clouds hung in, and an unexpected rain had dampened the ground over the night. When that day ended, the world had shifted, moved by two stunning events. The United States Supreme Court affirmed that same-sex marriage is legal ...

  • Letter: Cumberland County Jail sexcapade an exception to the norm

    Much has been said in the press about the "evening sojourn” of two of the inmates in the Cumberland County Jail. It is true this was ...

  • Letter: Protect the birds, bees; control your cats

    Thank you for good coverage of social and environmental issues. Let me bring up a new one. Many of us are not aware of problems caused by pet cats roaming freely. Dogs, at least in Bath, are not allowed to do that. But dogs do not prey on wild birds, which are already in trouble. Birds eat harmfu...

  • Letter: A plea for Falmouth's older citizens

    Don't you think the time has come for Falmouth to think about helping its senior citizens, who try hard to live on a fixed income, by not raising their taxes? It's hard enough to make it on a daily basis, with all the increases in food, fuel, utilities, etc. Why does the School Board have to incr...

  • No Sugar Added: 90 is the new 50

    Much in the way December is synonymous with Christmas, for me, March means one thing: birthdays. Parents, grandparents, spouses, family and friends. Alive. Dead. It matters not. It’s a hotbed of birthday activity and memories.

  • Letter: Limbaugh goes beyond freedom of speech

    When most women have sex, it’s with men. So when I hear Rush Limbaugh's misogynistic rants, I wonder why only women get bashed. And something else: when most people leave rehab, they can see beyond their wanting to be funny and turn instead toward character work, peo... 1

  • The Universal Notebook: The King who would be senator

    The first thing I did When U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe announced she would not seek re-election is send a common e-mail to former Gov. Angus King and U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree to say, “I sure hope the two of you don't split the vote and let a Republican slip into office with 30-odd percent ... 10

  • Letter: Junk history and extremism

    A stunningly inaccurate letter recently suggested that the Hitler and Mussolini regimes were leftists, somehow lumping them together with Russia and China. That claim shows a shocking indifference to historical facts. If Hitler and Mussolini had been any further to the r... 1

  • Letter: Americans should understand government types

    Let's make sure people don't get misinformed about left vs. right wing governments, as was posted in the "Letters to the Editor" last week. Just because a governmental leader wears a uniform does not make him a "right winger." Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Mussolini all wore military uniforms and they ... 2