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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: The ocean speaks, if you pay attention

    The words that follow were written by the great singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett in the form of the song "A Pirate Looks at Forty." And almost every time I hear them I cry. Not with outward tears for the world to see, or with any measure of sadness attached, but instead, with an inward sense of pr...

  • Letter: Bath teacher personifies the profession

    Kudos to The Forecaster and Alex Lear’s article about Johnna Stanton, Sagadahoc County Teacher of The Year. And, of course, many kudos to he...

  • The View From Away: Let's talk turkey (and fox, and moose ...)

    You don’t see a lot of wildlife in New York or Los Angeles. Well, a lot of the citizens are pretty feral, like the kid at Macy’s in Manhattan who shoved in between Carol and me to steal watches from the display case where we were standing. When I threw him across the store ais...

  • Letter: Don't trust the 'D's or the 'R's

    Some people still cling to their broken hopes in a candidate who promised change but only gave us more of the same. The continued erosion of our civil liberties (Patriot Act), unconstitutional wars (bypassing Congress), torture, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, assassination of U.S. citizen...

  • Letter: Political leaders are out of touch

    Edgar Allen Beem is in possession of all the foresight that our governor lacks. What is encouraging is that many young people also understand that we have to “do more with less” and work on sharing and sustainability, that maybe people are not just greedy by nature and we’re all... 1

  • Letter: Brunswick needs behaviorial teachers, classes

    In response to Emily Guerin’s recent article, "Brunswick school struggles without behavioral program", we implore this community to put proactive programming in place to assi...

  • Letter: Cumberland Farmers Market appreciates host, customers

    On behalf of the Cumberland Farmers Market Association, please consider this a giant thank you to Allen, Sterling & Lothrop Garden Center. This is the third winter their generosity has provided our farmers market a winter home in the greenhouse on Route 1 in Falmouth. Through the long dark ...

  • Letter: A little discussion would go a long way

    In the Jan. 5 issue of The Forecaster, Edgar Allen Beem caricatured the opinions that liberals and conservatives have of one another, successfully capturing the prejudices that are contributing to the polarization of our political system. I thought he did a good job, but behind the prejudices are... 1

  • Letter: Park at your own financial risk in Portland

    Before we know what is really happening, it will be virtually impossible to park in Portland without getting a ticket, a boot, or a tow. It has already hit a high-water mark where it is impossible to keep abreast of all the different ways there are to receive a substantial fine. In these really t... 1

  • Editor's Notebook: The more things change, the more they change

    "I put a dollar in one of those change machines," George Carlin used to say. "Nothing changed." Carlin must never have worked at a weekly community newspaper. Here, change is inevitable, and recently it has seemed like someone has been stuffing lots of dollars into the change machine. ...