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  • Early deadline for Thanksgiving-week letters

    Deadlines for The Forecaster next week are earlier than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 27. Letters to the editor must be received by noon this Friday, Nov. 21, to be published in our Nov. 26, 27 and 28 editions.

  • The Universal Notebook: Support your local library

    You can tell almost everything you need to know about a town by looking at its public schools and its public library. Towns that invest in education and literacy are great places to live. Towns that don’t aren’t. I was pleased to see that the library referendums in Cape Elizabe...

  • Letter: Egan for Freeport Town Council

    We urge our friends and neighbors in Freeport to get to know Kristina Egan and to support her for Town Council in District 3. Kristina’s skills and experience will benefit the town. Her resume and background are impressive, but it is her attitude and her willingness to do the hard work that...

  • Letter: Experts disagree with smart meter proponent

    The letter from a Scarborough citizen deeming Edgar Allen Beem's column about the effects of smart meters as wrong is just plain misinformed. His example of putting a person in a room, while in another room transmitting at random times and challenging that "sensitive" person to feel the transmis...

  • Letter: Vote yes on 2 for Maine's horsemen

    I’ve been training and driving standardbred horses on racetracks for 25 years. It’s what I love best, and it’s pretty much all I know. If I have a choice, I’ll continue working with horses for as long as I can. There are plenty of others within the harness racing industry ...

  • Letter: Portland should close Franklin St. gates

    Every Portland city councilor has either heard or read my continued (going back over six years) complaints concerning the gate openings allowing the unsafe and illegal crossing of Franklin Street. Are the future plans for this area going to continue to allow this dangerous situation to go unaddr...

  • Letter: Brennan for Portland mayor

    Portland has the opportunity to select an individual from a large number of impressive applicants to fill the job of mayor. Not just a ceremonial position, but one of primary importance in emerging from a recession, and building from there. We are optimistic about our future, given the t...

  • To our readers

    The deadline for letters to the editor on behalf of candidates or issues in the Nov. 8 election is noon, Monday, Oct. 24, for publication in our print editions of Oct. 26-28. The Forecaster does not publish election letters in the week preceding Election Day.

  • The Universal Notebook: Public spirit on Scarborough Beach

    Scarborough Beach is my favorite place in all the world. I started going there 50 years ago when old Mrs. Jordan used to sit by the rickety bridge in her beach wagon collecting parking fees. Look for my ashes to wash up on the sands there one of these days. I do not take threats to it lightly. 3

  • No Sugar Added: The apple doesn't fall very far

    Recently, as I was taking one of my long and meandering beach walks, I found myself enshrouded in fog, and sooner than anticipated – darkness. As usual, I was barefoot (my favorite state of being, although not with the “and pregnant” part attached). As I headed back in th...