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  • Intentionally Unreasonable: Less small talk, more medium and large

    Humans are social animals and as such we enjoy connectivity through common activities and conversation. A high percentage of these engagements fall within the mind-numbing category of inane or insipid small talk. While “small talk” is generally well-intended, serving a benign f...

  • The Universal Notebook: The kids will be all right

    I was a fairly permissive parent. My parenting philosophy has always been that if you treat your children respectfully as equals, they will grow up to be normal, well-adjusted adults. So when our girls were young, I tended to let them do what they wanted as long as it wasn’t likely t...

  • Letter: Freeport candidate appreciates support

    I want to give my heart-felt and deepest thanks to everyone who supported me in the recent Freeport Town Council election. It was my first time running for public office and I was clearly the underdog. Nevertheless, out of the 2,976 votes cast, I came within just 98 votes of winning the at-larg...

  • Letter: Spending 'Thinksgiving' with the Beems

    Should Edgar Allen Beem ultimately support fiscal realities or will he buckle to family, guilt-driven priorities with an $80, well-adjusted, semi-range fowl. Will collective conscience demand a leathery piece of natural meat tracing its life from happy egg to contented brush to dinner plate, rath... 1

  • Forecaster Forum: Benefits of Falmouth Flyer well worth the cost

    After seven years plying the Route 1 corridor, the Falmouth Flyer has proved the value of bus service that connects Falmouth to Portland, Westbrook and beyond. Its benefits are multi-fold. It is a vital tool for Falmouth’s economic development today and in the future, providin...

  • Holiday deadline for letters

    Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, there is an early deadline for letters to the editor intended for publication in next week's editions of The Forecaster. Letters should be emailed to n...

  • Letter: Energy petition gets warm response in Cumberland

    My wife Sally and I spent the morning of Election Day at the polls in Cumberland gathering signatures for a citizen’s initiative to increase the proportion of Maine’s energy use derived from renewable sources – such as solar, hydro power, and wind – to 20 percent by t... 5

  • Letter: Egan thanks Freeport voters, Migliaccio

    I want to thank the voters of Freeport’s District 3 for their support. I had a terrific experience over the course of the Town Council race, meeting residents in their homes and at the Post Office and hearing many great ideas on how to make Freeport even better. I thank everyone for shari...

  • The Universal Notebook: Smart ALEC, LePage and the unconstitutional right

    Gov. Paul LePage has now proposed mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients. Unless he thinks needing financial assistance is reason enough to suspect illegal drug use, he ought to understand that what he is proposing is very likely unconstitutional. Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposed an... 16

  • The View from Away: Parenting is a dish best served at team dinner

    The soccer season ended recently, marking the start of the constantly-asking-your-mother-when-the-team-banquet-is season. Elizabeth was the manager of the girls’ varsity soccer team for Portland High School. Carol and I made sure to attend practices and games, both to give her moral...