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  • Letter: Freeport should control its own schools

    I would like to urge my fellow voters to vote yes to exit the flawed Regional School Unit 5 school governance structure. Since the RSU formed, tri-town voters must now advocate in front of two different governing bodies – the Town Council and the RSU 5 board – each with it...

  • Letter: As governor, Cutler will invest in education

    Eliot Cutler is committed to making the critical investments in education necessary to expand opportunity to all Mainers, which in turn will foster a 21st century economy in Maine. Cutler correctly notes that it is the state’s shortage of young, skilled workers that is stifling investment a...

  • Letter: Proud to agree with Beem

    Edgar Allen Beem seems to get a lot of flak so I’d like to say that I enjoy reading his column (and I would bet all his naysayers do as well) and agree with every word he says. The gentleman who wrote to debate Beem on progressive taxation I believe misses the point: of course the su...

  • Letter: Same-day voter registration works

    Despite conservatives' claims to the contrary (after so many years), same-day voter registration has worked pretty well. It seems these extremists are devoting an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money to kill this right and our democracy. David Str...

  • Letter: Brunswick Explorer had successful year

    Some of Fred Blanchard's information about the Brunswick Explorer bus service is incorrect and I have to disagree with his conclusions. The Brunswick Explorer does have three buses, one of which functions as a spare. Coastal Trans, which operates the service, employs at least three full-ti...

  • Letter: Protect same-day voter registration

    I am writing in support of the peoples veto which will protect the voting rights for the people of Maine. We need to remember Election Day registration has worked in Maine for more than 40 years. There's absolutely no reason to eliminate it. We need to pay attention when Maine's tow...

  • The Universal Notebook: Redistricting for dummies

    Maine was due for a congressional redistricting in 2013, but thanks to a pair of Republican operatives in Cape Elizabeth, we are now being treated to a court-ordered redistricting that has revealed the ridiculous lengths to which the GOP will go to gain an advantage. William DeSena and San... 3

  • The View from Away: Knock me over like a ton of bricks

    Los Angeles basically has summer all year round. It also has a tectonic map that looks like a shattered glass-topped coffee table, so earthquakes are what California has instead of weather. I lived through three big ones, dozens I could feel and hundreds I couldn’t. I thought I was...

  • Letter: Beem's college column takes cheap shot

    It seems to me that for-profit colleges have helped all of us. First of all, they meet a need for continuing education and earning degrees later in life that was ignored by most traditional colleges. They have been the trailblazers for the online courses and distance learning programs tha... 1

  • To our readers: Early deadline for letters

    Because of the Labor Day holiday on Monday, Sept. 5, the deadline for letters to the editor for next week's editions of The Forecaster is noon this Friday, Sept. 2. Letters should be emailed to