Say 'cheese' while you smoke that carrot: Police sting ends with arrests in Falmouth park

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FALMOUTH — Two young men face multiple charges after allegedly breaking into a police surveillance van in Walton Park.

Police Lt. John Kilbride said the park has been a frequent location for car burglaries, underage drinking and even several instances of suspected prostitution throughout the summer.

“It’s been a magnet for problems. Walton Park is one of our hot spots,” Kilbride said.

Around noon on Aug. 19, police set up a dummy car and, utilizing surveillance equipment on loan from the New England State Police Information Network, parked a van with cameras and one-way glass windows at the park.

Within moments, two young men allegedly approached the surveillance van. One allegedly opened the front door and stole a water bottle while Officer Robert Susi watched from behind a curtain.

Then the two men, reportedly standing directly in front of the one-way glass window of the van, allegedly took out a package of marijuana. One described how to make a pipe out of a carrot so the police could not detect marijuana if they got caught.

The men then allegedly smoked the pot from a carrot directly in front of the surveillance van window.

Officers arrested Brian Beasley, 18, of Sunset Road, Falmouth, and charged him with burglary of a motor vehicle, theft and possession of marijuana. Thomas Caswell, 18, of Lakeside Drive, Falmouth, received a summons on a charge of possession of marijuana.

A court appearance for both men was set for Oct. 14.

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