Save the sidewalks

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I feel I must respond to two of North Yarmouth selectmen, Paul Napolitano and Mark Merrill, who are looking to save money by not plowing our new sidewalks. Our sidewalks were installed three years ago at a cost of several million dollars (federal, state and town money). They are a fine addition to the town, allowing pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers and pets to walk from  the Cumberland line all the way to the Middle School on Route 9, a distance of three or four miles.
The sidewalk project was approved in 2005 by vote of the citizens of North Yarmouth. Now, the town council wants to call a vote on not plowing the sidewalks. This would mean no one could use them for three  months of the year as snow and ice plowed from the street would build up and freeze solid over the sidewalks, making them impassable in many places.
The savings to the town?Three thousand  dollars per year, I am told. The sidewalks are plowed by the town of Cumberland using their special sidewalk plowing machine, a very good utilization of another town’s assets. I applaud our Town Council for looking for places to save money, but let’s give our sidewalks a chance.

William Ambrose,
North Yarmouth