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CONGRATULATIONS TO JEANNE POLLOCK OF GRAY, MAINE! Jeanne is the lucky winner of our “Safety for 7” contest. She will receive a FREE 3-hour hands-on Civilian Safety Training session for 7 people including pepper spray, safety tools and certificate of completion.

If you would like more information about the Civilian Safety Program or would like to schedule a training class, please call Michael Mercer at or call  207-699-8840

The SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) is a 3-hour certified hands-on training session that will teach you how identify and avoid dangerous encounters. You will  learn effective defense techniques and how to confidently use pepper spray to escape an attacker.

Michael Mercer, certified instructor and owner of “Not on Our Watch” specializes in many areas of crime prevention.  His law enforcement career spans twenty-one  plus years with specialized training in managing aggressive behavior, FBI hostage negotiation, drug enforcement and criminal investigation. Michael created “Not on Our Watch” as a community resource to bring safety training to the community. He hosts a weekly radio program dedicated to civilian safety awareness with guests in law enforcement and security that share security trends, topics and safety tips.


This is three (3) hour SABRE Civillian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) will teach you how to:

  • Identify and avoid dangerous encounters
  • Discourage an attacker
  • Use verbal commands & simple self-defense techniques
  • Effectively and responsibly deploy SABRE Pepper Spray
  • Escape an attacker

You will become proficient and accurate with your SABRE Pepper Spray by deploying water-filled practice sprays at static targets as well as deploying the Practice Spray at your instructor during a simulated attack.


  • SABRE CSAP Student Manual
  • Three (3) SABRE Inert, Practice Sprays
  • Quick Release Key Ring
  • SABER Defense Spray
  • Survival Tools for Smart Living
  • Certificate of Completion


Owner, Not On Our Watch

Not On Our Watch was created because I knew there was a need for people to understand there were simple ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime.  I bring my experience in Law Enforcement, Community Policing and Crime Prevention to the public through Media, Consulting, and Personal Safety Training.

My career in Law Enforcement spans over 21 years and has allowed me the opportunity to train and specialize in many areas of crime prevention,  and obtain the skills necessary to provide a safe environment for the communities I served.  I am a former practitioner of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and was certified by AZPOST (Arizona Peace Officer Standards in Training).  I received the Maine Law Enforcement Officer’s Certification in 1988.  Some of my specialized training includes Management of Aggressive Behavior, FBI Hostage Negotiation Training, Drug Enforcement Agency Investigation School and Criminal Investigation School. I worked as a gang liaison officer and specialized in community action and policing.  I developed the Patrol Chemical Agent Specialist position for the Mesa Police Dept. and wrote the policy and procedures for the CAS. I graduated from both the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and the Mesa Arizona Police Academy. I studied Administration of Justice at Arizona State University. I served in the US Navy Reserves as a Master at Arms, Petty Officer 2nd Class. Working closely with my community is essential. I am a nationally certified trainer and instructor for SABRE  and teach a Civilian Safety Awareness Program and a College Safety Program.  I retail many styles of pepper spray and stun guns. Currently I hold the position of President of the Maine Association of Police Retired.

We need to identify and mobilize untapped community resources, also known as “Asset Mapping.”  We can all make a difference if we use our strengths together. You do not need to be a victim. Situational Awareness and the proper layers of protection will provide you with the highest amount of protection against an assault or other crimes. I will teach you.


Michael Mercer

National Certified SABRE Instructor, Chemical Agent Specialist, Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Contact: 207-699-8840

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