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Ever been to the beach? Relaxing on a beautiful day, trying to build up a tan or just enjoying the cool water, when all of a sudden a kid comes running by? Noisy, rambunctious – they completely destroy the peace and tranquility you had been enjoying.
I’ve had enough of that. I think we should ban kids from Willard Beach.
Sometimes I think kids are just annoying. They can be loud, obnoxious, and whiney. Heck, they might even pee in the ocean or soil their diaper on the beach. Gross. And don’t even get me started on their parents – unable to keep them quiet or calm, just letting them run hog wild. There should be a rule requiring them to keep them under control. The beach would be a better place then.
You probably think this is crazy talk. I agree. But Gary Crosby is trying to ban dogs from Willard Beach except for limited hours, early in the morning. So maybe these draconian measures aren’t far off?
It just doesn’t make sense to limit access to a public park because a few crotchety folks complain. Maybe you don’t like listening to the screams and roaring laughs of kids, or hearing the barks of dogs.
Frankly, though, all of these cases involve someone’s loved ones – members of their family – and they should be able to enjoy a public beach, too.
When Gary Crosby comes asking you to sign a petition to keep dogs off of Willard Beach, say no.

Derek Mitchell
South Portland
Editor of The Forecaster; prior reporting/editing gigs at Automotive Age magazine, Daily News of Los Angeles, Biddeford Journal Tribune; Syracuse U. Orange-bleeder; lifelong NY Yankees fan, longtime resident of Red Sox Nation.