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As a resident of Cape Elizabeth in very close proximity to 553 Shore Road (directly behind the Irving station) I was very pleased that the property had been brought back to its original grandeur by the new owners and in a timely fashion. The building had been in disrepair and in very bad need of major renovations. It was by no means the beautiful house it once was many years ago and is now today, thanks to the respect the new owners have displayed for maintaining the integrity of Cape Elizabeth architecture.
Would the neighbors objecting to its rezoning prefer that it remain in such a state – most likely empty and unattended until eventually sold? I would like to believe that the neighbors so invested in maintaining the Cape Elizabeth of old would be particularly pleased that it was purchased by long-time and respected residents of Cape Elizabeth. Through the fine work completed on the house and property they have shown their keen interest in ensuring that Cape Elizabeth remain a wonderful and beautiful community.
Given that we have an Irving gas station, the Cookie Jar, a fire station and a myriad of other businesses in the immediate area, the objections raised by a handful of neighbors regarding noise, infringement on privacy and parking brought about by a small boutique and office is perplexing and unreasonable.

Lynn Beal
Cape Elizabeth


Editor of The Forecaster; prior reporting/editing gigs at Automotive Age magazine, Daily News of Los Angeles, Biddeford Journal Tribune; Syracuse U. Orange-bleeder; lifelong NY Yankees fan, longtime resident of Red Sox Nation.