Remodel without regret

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Clear digital drawings allow home owners to easily picture the final result of a remodel project.

by Kate Morrical, AutoCAD LT Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk

(NAPS)—After years of living with your outdated kitchen—complete with orange linoleum floors, no windows and a completely non-functional work triangle—you’ve decided to take the leap and remodel. As you work with your contractor to design the perfect kitchen, you begin to doubt the placement of your kitchen window and the size of your new cabinetry. “I’m sure it will be perfect when it’s completed,” you tell yourself. But as the project progresses, the window isn’t exactly where you want it, the cabinets are a little too big, and now there’s no room for your French door refrigerator. Meanwhile, construction continues to disrupt your life.

Remodeling disasters such as these happen far too often. Choosing the right contractor can help you avoid these situations and a contractor with the right tools can make design dreams come true. When you’re working on a project as important as your home, a clear plan can help you improve communication, save money and create an end result you’re proud of. Contractors who use professional-grade drafting and detailing software understand that planning and design come first and are essential to efficient construction. Precise digital drawings of the project provide an accurate depiction of what the final result will be, keeping you and your contractor on the same page and helping you avoid spending more time and money than you planned.

Often, renovation projects can get derailed with time-consuming changes or easily avoidable errors. For example, contractors who still use a pencil and graph paper can spend more time making edits and have greater risk for error—like a misplaced window—using drawings that may not be exactly to scale. Contractors who use professional design software, such as AutoCAD LT software, can avoid these issues by working with drawings that more accurately represent the data throughout the design project. With a robust set of drafting tools, contractors can more easily create and modify their design documents based on client needs. Hiring a contractor who uses professional drafting software helps make sure that everyone involved is speaking the same language, avoiding confusion and coordination errors among the different trades installing the plumbing, wiring and tile. Drafting and detailing software is an excellent solution to help professionals efficiently and accurately create clear, precise drawings and drive projects to completion.

You need a reliable contractor with the tools to complete a quality project in a timely and efficient manner and avoid remodel disasters. Professional drafting software helps contractors get the job done more accurately and ­efficiently.

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