Ranked choice is central to political process

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Next November the citizens of Maine will have the opportunity to choose ranked choice voting as the way we elect our state officials. The prospect alarms extremist politicians – their propaganda machines are already at work.

We can expect them to be alarmed – ranked choice voting threatens their power.

It threatens their power because RCV will force the political parties to nominate candidates who appeal to the center.

If you are a political centrist, as I am, join me in voting for RCV next November.

Harleigh V. S. Tingley


  • Chew H Bird

    Until the past decades or so, ranked choice voting was not even a real discussion. Sure there have been issues with the way our voting system has traditionally worked such as when the election of Lincoln to the presidency sparked secession and the civil war. Just imagine if Lincoln had not been elected President in favor of a middle of the road candidate and slavery had been continued?

    Ranked choice voting promises mediocrity and while many good legal decisions may result in both sides being somewhat unhappy, our political system deserves better than being devoted to a lack of conflict and discussion.

    While the various liberal and conservative ideologies will sway back and forth, and social norms will swing too far one way or the other, a balance will occur over time.

    Heck, when I was in high school cigarettes were sold at the school store and smoking areas were available for students between classes. The drinking age was 18 and I had drinks in local bars with teachers and nothing was thought of it at the time. Today those behaviors would end up with jail time, suspension, and job termination. Too far one way and too far the other is what we do until we find the correct balance.

    To change to ranked choice voting is, in my opinion, wrong on every level. It take decades for humans to find the balance that is comfortable for us and our current (non ranked choice) voting system has worked for many generations. The difference today is the speed of information and the acute filtering of actual fact by our media. Ranked choice voting promises a population of sheep and the continuation and acceleration of media controlled information that will ultimately blind us, as individuals, as the the reality of life in our country.