Prom night dos and don'ts

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A milestone event in a young adult’s life, prom night is an occasion high school seniors across the country anxiously anticipate. Prom gives high school students the opportunity to enjoy one last fling with friends and fellow students before they move on to college or enter the workforce.

Prom night has become quite a big deal. Some students put undue pressure on themselves by trying to make prom into the perfect occasion. This can prove stressful. But there are ways to make the best of this noteworthy night without succumbing to stress.

DO attend prom with someone you enjoy being around. Don’t pick a companion simply to have a pretty face accompany you for the evening. Aim for compatability when choosing your prom date. You do not want to be dancing all night while your date stays at the table.

DON’T set your prom night expectations too high. Prom night is a momentous occasion, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s meant to be a fun night with friends. Aim to do a little dancing, dining and conversing with friends.

DO wear comfortable shoes or bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes along. Fashion often precedes comfort when it comes to formal events. However, hours on the dance floor can quickly prove painful on your feet. Do yourself a favor and dress comfortably so you will not have to make an exit prematurely.

DON’T make prom night about more than having fun. This should be an evening simply for having fun and commemorating the end of your school career rather than a night when potentially life-altering decisions are made.

DO stick to a budget so you do not overspend on prom night. It can be easy to overspend on prom. While prom is meant to be memorable, you don’t want to begin summer vacation in debt. Now is a key time to learn budgeting strategies, which will be advantageous when you’re living in a dorm and pinching pennies once college begins in the fall.

DON’T forget to take plenty of photos and videos to capture the spirit of prom. You can look back fondly on these moments and perhaps share them with your own family in the years to come.

DO have a contingency plan in place. Sometimes poor judgement on the part of others can put you in precarious situations. Make sure you have someone to call if you need a ride home at any point in the night. Bring some extra money for unforseen expenses. Keep parents abreast of your location in the event you need to contact them. Safety should be a priority throughout the night.

DON’T feel the need to have a date, especially if you’d rather attend solo. There is no shame in attending prom alone, particularly if you have a plan to meet up with friends and enjoy the night collectively. Rather than take someone you do not particularly like and feel restricted, arrive alone and enjoy being a free spirit.

DO let loose and have fun. Don’t be afraid to cut a rug on the dance floor or wear a favorite gown or unique style of tuxedo. Enjoy your time spent with friends and try to sample each part of what makes prom such a unique experience.

— Metro Creative