Praise for Falmouth Town Council

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Falmouth is a unique community. When my wife and I moved back home to Maine over seven years ago to raise our children, we chose Falmouth for its schools and its sense of community. Falmouth truly promises a bright future for us all by doing an amazing job of encouraging economic growth while preserving our community heritage and open spaces.

The Falmouth Town Council must be congratulated for their tireless work to arrive at the “Net-Zero” compromise that has brought together the best ideas from both sides of the issue to preserve the Plummer-Motz school and land space. Voters will have an opportunity to vote yes on a ballot question in June that will preserve the area for our future without raising taxes. Some would suggest that we should sell to the first interested party, but it makes no sense to unload such a valuable asset in these economic conditions for the lowest possible price.

A proud and resourceful community such as Falmouth can do better than sell off a piece of our heritage, and our future, for pennies on the dollar and risk seeing it converted into who knows what. Well done Falmouth Town Council and congratulations to all of us!

Chris Orestis