Portrait of a Yarmouth artist as a young man

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YARMOUTH — Kyler Ross grew up in a creative, artistic home. His mother Lisa is a painter and jewelry maker, his father Dale is a furniture maker. 

At age 5, Kyler starting taking pictures. But he said something changed for him at age 12 when he really became intrigued by photography. 

“I began taking photographs every day, started reading about photography and became more and more interested in it,” he said. “It is a passion I have, and is something I want to continue and learn more about.”

Now 14, Ross will open his first photography exhibit at 317 Main Street Music Center on Friday, May 15, at 6 p.m. All proceeds from the show, which will run through July 2, will help pay Ross’ $2,300 tuition to the Maine Media Workshop in Rockport this summer.

The two-week program is an opportunity for Ross to meet like-minded students of photography, hone his skills and learn more about the art.

“There may be other kids who attend, but it is an adult program with professional photographers,” Ross said. “I want to be around people who are as passionate about this as I am.”

Ross said he enjoys taking extreme close-ups, called macro photography; he will focus on a dew drop on a flower petal, rather than the entire plant. He said he also likes to experiment with lighting.

“When I go outside and walk around with my camera, it is almost meditative,” he said. “I am in the present, I get in the zone. I just think it is thrilling.”

Lisa Ross, Kyler’s mother, said he has a talent and a vision that comes from within.

“He sees things from a different perspective,” she said. “I love what he sees and how he sees it. It is a raw talent, it is impressive.”

Lisa Williams of Yarmouth Arts said Ross’ exhibit is a collaboration between the non-profit organization and 317 Main Street Community Music Center. It is coordinated by a group of volunteers committed to sharing art with the community.

“Ross is exceptional photographer,” Williams said. “I am fascinated with his sense of light and space and how he uses them selectively. His work does something besides show the subject matter, it draws you into the image on a distinct visual path.”

Ross said he would eventually like to be a professional photographer.

“I know it is rare to have this kind of direction now,” he said, “but I am very happy about it.”

Amy Anderson can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 110 or aanderson@theforecaster.net

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Kyler Ross, a freshman at Yarmouth High School, makes a photograph from his living room window. His photography exhibit opens Friday, May 14, at 317 Main Street Music Center. Proceeds will help fund his tuition at the Maine Media Workshop in Rockport.

This photograph and others by Kyler Ross will be for sale at 317 Main Street Music Center in Yarmouth beginning Friday, May 14.