Portland School Notebook: April 6

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Local student posts highest state score on Academic Team application

Southern Maine Community College student Emily Cleary of Portland has been named to the All-Maine Academic Team for two-year colleges. She was among the 14 community college students in Maine who were honored at a Maine Community College System ceremony March 23 in Augusta. The award includes a $500 scholarship.

Cleary was also named the Maine Coca-Cola New Century Scholar for achieving the highest All-USA Academic Team application score in the state. She will represent Maine at the American Association of Community Colleges’ annual convention in April, where she will receive a $2,000 scholarship.

Cleary is enrolled in SMCC’s pre-engineering program, and says her dream job is to one day work for NASA designing technology for space exploration.

The All-Maine Academic Team is a program of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society for two-year colleges. Students are nominated and selected for the team by their college based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership and service.

PPL hosts student Side X Side Mural Project

Ocean Avenue Elementary School third-graders who participated in a Mural Making/Physical Theater Program have created a mural based on Portland history that will be on display beginning with an opening reception 10:30 a.m. – noon, Saturday, April 9. 

The reception will be held at the Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library, part of the Portland Public Library at 5 Monument Square.

Some students applied their drawings onto prepped wood panels, while others painted and added text. The final results – including fires, cannonballs and chamberpots – will be on display through May 14.

Side x Side is a Portland nonprofit that designs programs with classroom educators and teaching artists to strengthen community while integrating the arts into K-12 curricula. Through community partnerships with the University of Southern Maine, the Portland Public School Department, the Portland Museum of Art, the Portland Public Library and local artists and professionals, Side x Side programs integrate science, technology, literacy and the humanities with the arts to enhance learning for all students. In partnership with USM, Side x Side is partially funded by a four-year U.S. Department of Education AEMDD grant of $1.9 million.

PHS students explore career opportunities

Portland High School students are taking part in a series of events this spring through Jobs for Maine Graduates to expose them to a wide variety of career opportunities available in Maine and help prepare them for postsecondary education and the workforce.

Jobs for Maine’s Graduates is a statewide, private nonprofit that works in public schools to give students the skills and resources they need to succeed after graduation.

Students are job shadowing, touring businesses and practicing job interviews. On Tuesday, April 12, all 200 PHS sophomores will be participating in job shadows and business tours for the day at 48 JMG business and community partners in the city. Among those participating will be several departments in Portland city government; Portland Symphony Orchestra; ACLU of Maine; Goodwill Industries; the Maine Historical Society; Hilton Garden Inn, the YMCA; The Telling Room; Colby Company Engineering; and Kepware Technologies.

PHS senior Moses Small, who is interning at the Portland Symphony Orchestra, will give a final presentation to his classmates about his experience May 31. Small’s presentation will be “The History of Drumming,” and involve a video presentation and live accompaniments from PSO members as he narrates his project. The presentation is one of many taking place this spring as the required culminating event to the 25 internships underway at PHS.

“Portland High School’s inner-city location is a huge benefit in the development of solid relationships with local businesses and community organizations,” said Eric Moynihan, Portland High School’s JMG Expanded Learning Opportunities Coordinator.

He further noted that a PHS motto is, “The City Is Our Campus.”

Casco Bay High School Honor Roll

The following students at Casco Bay High School were recognized for academic excellence and earned a place on the honor roll during the winter trimester:

High Honors

Grade 9: Anne Dodson, Eve Fischer, Evelyn Ford, Francesca Houran, Phoebe Kolbert, Yifu Liu, Raizel McNally, Sophia Nolan, Ava Spach, Anna Tierney-Fife, Elinor Tierney-Fife and Tiana Urey

Grade 10: Morgan Aponte-Clarke, Charlie Compton, Caroline Corbeau, Jacob Dunnigan, Maria Gagnon, Alice Kenny, Zach Le, Jacob Libby, Julien Peck, Jonah Peterson, Selena Sillari, Sophie Szatkowski, Elizabeth Thompson, Martha Thompson and Nasteho Youssouf

Grade 11: Kiera Badger, Frances Bliss, Grace Callahan, Skyler Cummings, Helen Cunningham, Conor Doane, Marcos Edgar, Kobi Eng, Esme Howland, Madegan Lynch, Liva Pierce, Jane Rooks, Luciana Santerre, Rosemary Santoro, Emma Schwartz, Violet Sulka/Hewes, Matthew Suslovic, Lucy Tabb and Grace Victor

Grade 12: Alysha Alling, Sadie Grant, Emma Hindall, Eleanor McClure-Chute, Josie Pierce and Maeve Porter-Holliday


Grade 9: Ruweyda Ahmed, Safia Ahmed, Justin Anderson, Berrick Bobe, Gwenllian Carhart, Ava Clifford, Fiona Coleman, Grace Cowie, Hayden Dearing, Anne Dodson, Gabrielle Dumas, Noah Gill, Ethan Haapala, Francis Healy, Joana Izabayo, Phoebe King, Mandy Mastropasqua, Vincent Mohan, Ahmed Omar, Oumalkaire Omar, Lucy Oster, Justin Reid, Charles Rooks, Grace Rynkowski, Quentin Smith, Liam Swift, Alec Troxell, Thomas Victor, Douglas Wagner and Oriana Waldren

Grade 10: Mustafa Abd, Abrar Ahmed, Tareq Albdoor, Morgan Aponte-Clarke, Daniel Baker, Adara Bankhead, Eamon Browne, John Carpenter, Olivia Crowley, Georgia Denison, Tamara Duvnjak, Madison Ellingsworth, Jair Granados, Elias Grimm, Grace Haynes, Christie Hull, Ray Intwari, Leticia Iteka, Abdullah Kalayaf-Manahe, Althea Kastelic, Fina Klein, Melissa Liang, Zexuan Liang, Mazie Linsmith, Jocelyne Markiewicz, Carlee Michaud, Mohamed Omar, Zoleka Mngqibisa, Rocio Perez, Egypt Pooler, Naomi Radtke-Rowe, Olivia Reale-Hatem, Miles Roma, Bethany Rozzi, Owen Ryder, Johnathan Spencer, Gabrielle Welton and Abigail Williams

Grade 11: Samira Ahmed, Meghana Clere, Zoe Coffin, Lukas Handanos, Vene Hashimoto, Yann Irambona, Arthur Johnson, Lisa Karlsen, Claude Kirongozi, Gage Klein, Matice Maino, John McGeoghegan, Patrick Peter, Phoebe Scott, Luca Serio, Thomas Sheils, Jasper Sommer, Wyeth Spike, Amanda Thompson and Jonah Woodbury.

Grade 12: Declan Attaway-Murphy, Fowse Awale, Elizabeth Baker-Pitre, James Bowie, Emily Damon, Gustavo Febles, Yuliia Grachova, Sebastian Grimm, Margaret Hatch, Rachel Iradukunda, Laurene Isimbi, Abdul-Azeez Kalayaf-Manahe, Cedric Kerley, Emmet Lynch, Emelia McLaughlin, Cora Melcher, Saffron Mello, Maisie Perkins, Kate Pontius and Margaret Ruff.

HOW (Habits of Work) Honor Roll

Grade 9: Mouna Abdelkader, Justin Anderson, Aliocha Bobe, Gwenllian Carhart, Ava Clifford, Fiona Coleman, Grace Cowie, Mason Davis, Hayden Dearing, Grace Deng, Anne Dodson, Sascha Drice, Gabrielle Dumas, Eve Fischer, Evelyn Ford, Noah Gill, Grace Govan, Ethan Haapala, Imtithal Hassan, Francesca Houran, Joana Izabayo, Phoebe King, Phoebe Kolbert, Yifu Liu, Raizel McNally, Kenny Mugisha, Adamo Nitunga, Samuel Nkurunziza, Sophia Nolan, Jean Ntakiyiruta, Oumalkaire Omar, Lucy Oster, Charles Rooks, Quentin Smith, Ava Spach, Anna Tierney-Fife, Elinor Tierney-Fife, Anthony Troiano, Alec Troxell, Tiana Urey, Thomas Victor, Douglas Wagner, Oriana Waldren, Doki Yanga and Pita Yanga

Grade 10: Mustafa Abd, Tareq Albdoor, Daniel Baker, Adara Bankhead, Samuel Clifford, Charlie Compton, Caroline Corbeau, Georgia Denison, Jacob Dunnigan, Tamara Duvnjak, Madison Ellingsworth, Maria Gagnon, Jair Granados, Christie Hull, Ray Intwari, Abdullah Kalayaf-Manahe, Althea Kastelic, Alice Kenny, Fina Klein, Zach Le, Melissa Liang, Zexuan Liang, Jacob Libby, Mazie Linsmith, Jocelyne Markiewicz, Carlee Michaud, Zoleka Mngqibisa, Julien Peck, Rocio Perez, Jonah Peterson, Egypt Pooler, Olivia Reale-Hatem, Bethany Rozzi, Owen Ryder, Selena Sillari, Johnathan Spencer, Elizabeth Thompson, Martha Thompson, Gabrielle Welton and Nasteho Youssouf

Grade 11: Samira Ahmed, Kiera Badger, Fan Bridges, Grace Callahan, Devon Case, Meghana Clere, Zoe Coffin, Skyler Cummings, Conor Doane, Marcos Edgar, Kobi Eng, Kevin Goodoak, Vene Hashimoto, Esme Howland, Arthur Johnson, Lisa Karlsen, Daniel Kayamba, Madegan Lynch, John McGeoghegan, Rebecca Mukeshimana, Patrick Peter, Liva Pierce, Jane Rooks, Luciana Santerre, Rosemary Santoro, Emma Schwartz, Phoebe Scott, Jasper Sommer, Violet Sulka/Hewes, Matthew Suslovic, Lucy Tabb, Amanda Thompson and Grace Victor

Grade 12: Alysha Alling, Madeline Bennett, Curtis Brown, Henry Burke, Hannah Clifford, Emily Damon, Sadie Grant, Margaret Hatch, Marta Haydym, Nathan Hesselink, Emma Hindall, Rachel Iradukunda, Henry Jones, Abdul-Azeez Kalayaf-Manahe, Benjamin Kelly, Cedric Kerley, Faith King, Julian Lambert, Emmet Lynch, Eleanor McClure-Chute, Emelia McLaughlin, Cora Melcher, Josie Pierce, Peter Rozzi and Sophia VanDerburgh

Dean’s lists

University of Maine Farmington: Emma Coombs, Brandye Devine, David Doering, Samantha Gilmour, Jonas Maines, Joseph Menard, Eamon Reis and Phoebe Shaw

Roger Williams: Darby Rawcliffe, an accounting major, Tyler Giroux, an architecture major and Liam Brochu, an economics major.