Political newcomers elected to Freeport Sewer District

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FREEPORT — With a voter turnout of 65 percent, three new members of the Sewer District Board of Trustees were elected Tuesday in the town’s only contested election.

The newcomers include fire Chief Darell Fournier, civil engineer Art Colvin and college student Leland Arris III.

Fournier said he was very pleased that the citizens elected him to serve on the board. He received 1,793 votes.

“I am happy that the citizens of Freeport have the confidence in me to serve on the board,” he said. “I plan to take my three election goals and apply them in order to move the sewer district forward.”

Fournier’s campaign goals were to have the sewer district work more closely with the Planning and Public Works departments, apply for grant money to supplement the operating budget and encourage a 20- to 25-year capital plan.

“I am looking forward to serving on the board, and think it will be an exciting position to hold,” he said.

Arris, a 19-year-old sophomore at University of Maine Orono, said he was very excited to be elected to his first political office. His father, Leland Arris Jr., also serves on the Sewer District Board of Trustees.

“I am incredibly grateful to my support group, and I owe my father a lot of credit as he was quite the advocate in my campaign with his unwavering confidence in my ability to make rational decisions,” the younger Arris said.

Arris also said he was impressed with the support from people his age. He received 1,644 votes.

“It is vital to our society for people my age to get involved in the political process,” he said. “To be involved is to be informed and it is so important for voters to understand the issues if we want to make a difference.”

Colvin could not be reached for comment Tuesday night. He received 1,695 votes.

Losing candidates were Timothy Whitacre, who received 1,210 votes, and Paula Craighead, who received 1,486 votes.

Town Council

In uncontested Town Council elections, incumbent District 4 Councilor James Cassida and incumbent Councilor-at-Large Charlotte Bishop were re-elected to serve three-year terms. Cassida received 820 votes and Bishop received 3,166 votes.

Political newcomer Sara Gideon was elected to fill the remaining year of District 1 Councilor Genie Beaulieu’s term. Beaulieu will resign in November after serving two years in office. Gideon received 780 votes and said the election was exciting.

“I am not doing this for just one year,” she said. “It is my intention to run again next year.”

Amy Anderson can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 110 or aanderson@theforecaster.net