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I finally found an opinion piece by Edgar Allen Beem that I agree with, and I appreciate the word getting out on the mandates of the Maine Principal’s Association on our athletic programs.
When budgets are tight, it should be up to the local communities where to cut the fat. We have boosters groups that can help raise funds to cushion us in bad times. With the proposed across-the-board cuts by the MPA, they take away our ability to tap into the boosters groups and the community. I was told by the executive director of the MPA, Dick Durost, “that the same set of policies should be in place for all schools providing equal situations for all kids’ statewide.” I believe the origin of the proposal was to provide guidance to schools in the face of budget cuts; however I question their motives, as it sounds to me like they are really trying to level the playing field.
What business is it of the MPA if some schools spend more than others on their athletic budgets? Many schools hold holiday tournaments to raise funds for athletics? There are lots of ways to handle budget shortfalls, and these decisions should not be made by a private, non-profit organization in Augusta. They plan to vote on their proposal on Jan. 26. Please tell your principals you want local control and to drop this proposal.

April Ross



Editor of The Forecaster; prior reporting/editing gigs at Automotive Age magazine, Daily News of Los Angeles, Biddeford Journal Tribune; Syracuse U. Orange-bleeder; lifelong NY Yankees fan, longtime resident of Red Sox Nation.