pnms-letter_curtis-123108 'Guilt by association'

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J. Dwight, began his recent Forum column by dismissing several proposed “fixes” for global warming as mere ploys by developers to make more money. He then continued to assign guilt by association to the larger scientific community and to malign the scientific consensus that human activity has contributed to global climate change as “junk science” without citing any real science to support his claims.
His muddled tirade is just another sad example of the recently popular brand of anti-intellectualism that substitutes the scientifically dubious position papers of politically driven think-tanks such as the Heartland Institute for the deliberate and widely endorsed conclusions of the scientific community as a whole.
I welcome the opinions of an “economist and a professional business analyst” like Dwight on matters of business and the economy, and I’m sure that many of the rapidly evolving alternative energy schemes that he mentions are, in fact, less than perfect.
However, I would hope that Dwight would extend the same courtesy to the scientists who are experts in the field of climate dynamics and not rush to replace their independent scientific conclusions with his own preconceived and ill-informed views.

Bob Curtis