Please hold the fiscal line

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On Sept. 19, the majority of the town councilors made a decision to sell the tax-acquired property at 946 Mere Point Road to benefit taxpayers in Brunswick and to focus on our many pressing priorities in town. We have a new school and major renovations coming up, big dollars to be spent on a landfill solution, and other important infrastructure needs. After studying and talking about this property for months, and finding a laundry list of limitations and reasons why the lot is unsuitable for a public park and swimming, the fiscally responsible councilors on the town council voted to sell it.

The town council made the right decision. Town councilors are elected to evaluate huge amounts of information and alternatives in hundreds of situations every year. Their job is to vote in the best interest of Brunswick’s citizens, not to focus precious resources on “nice to have” versus “needs.” Now I am reading that a group wants to overturn the council’s decision. We have a representative town government in Brunswick, and their decision should stand. Please town council, affirm your vote and decision to sell 946 Mere Point Road and put the property back on the tax rolls so we can pay our bills without increasing our property taxes any more. It is time to move on to critical priorities facing the town.

Jeanne Ramsay, Brunswick