Personal feelings should not dictate American standards

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The recent article by John Balentine, regarding the ladies of Gray, was excellent, to the point, and I fully agree. This country needs a dose of tolerance. Let me make it clear from the beginning, I do not support racism, bigotry or violent protesting. For those that find it acceptable to tolerate a standard of “feeling offended” by statues is stupid. Using “personal feeling” standards as a basis for violence should not be tolerated. Where will these “personal standards” lead us? Book burning? It’s been tried and it never changed history. Would it be OK for me and all Vietnam veterans to have a standard of “personal feelings” against Vietnam draft dodgers or Vietnam protesters? I would hope the answer is no. If “personal feeling” standards are OK to destroy Confederate statues for some, then those same standards should be universal for everyone, right? What’s next, the removal of the Vietnam Memorial? The double standards and hypocrisy being tolerated and reported is sickening. I am proud to be a Vietnam veteran. How dare Vietnam draft dodgers or Vietnam protesters challenge any returning Vietnam veteran? Are our “personal feeling” standards less important? Are only liberal “personal feelings” now acceptable and violent eruptions the soothing salve? I sure as heck hope the answer is no. I guess the Vietnam War did end, but the U.S. Civil War never ends. This country needs more tolerance as demonstrated by the ladies of Gray.

John Jones