Northern School Notebook: NYA, college students honored; scholarships launched

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NYA names honor roll

YARMOUTH — In recognition of their academic achievement during the second semester of the 2014-2015 school year, the following students were recently named to the honor roll of North Yarmouth Academy.

Grade 12, highest honors: Charlotte Eisenberg, Virginia Hinchman, Ellis Miskell, Marina Stam and Olivia Stam.

Grade 12, high honors: Muriel Adams, Hannah Austin, Nina Babbitt, Kristina Block, Jesse Catir, Elizabeth Coughlin, Madison Cutten, Abigail Hinchman, Hannah Hungerford, Matthew Malcom, Clayton Manchester, Isabella Munro, Mary Noyes, Marina Poole, Bradley Potter and Eleanor Sato.

Grade 12, honors: Ibrahim Al Musawi, Alexandra Barnes, Sumner Bright, Emilie Burrill, Haley Cunningham, John LeBlanc, Louisa Mahoney, Diana McLeod, Shelby Peavey, Rhiannon Ramsey-Brimberg and Sara Thompson.

Grade 11, highest honors: Sarah Cooper and Katherine Hilscher.

Grade 11, high honors: Stanzin Angmo, Julia Blackwell, Dagen Braun, Linnea Hull, Sonia Lin, Wyatt Nice, Eleanor Rich, Mackenzie Sangster, Emily Taylor, Adrienne Tracy and Celine Xu.

Grade 11, honors: Emily Baker, Jenna Block, Noah Dennis, Morgan Elkins, Hailey Frager, Anna Laprise, Peter Li, Chenxi Liu, Elizabeth McIntosh, Daniel McVicar, Jake Rasch and Anne Rines.

Grade 10, highest honors: Sarah Austin, Alexander Bartone, Andrew Keith, Kiersten Marr and Manna Zhao.

Grade 10, high honors: Zelda Clegg, Sam Johnson, Jack Kostelnik, Gabrielle Linscott, Amber Liu, Patrick Mallett, Robert Murray, Dana Nichols, Henry Quesada and Jeremy Thelven.

Grade 10, honors: Michael Adams, Galen Arnold, Baron Becker, Haven Cutko, Amelia Demetropoulos, Daniel Edgerton-Dickey, John Malcom, Thomas Pitts, Anna Rosenfeld, Isabelle See and Nathaniel Sinibaldi.

Grade 9, highest honors: Charlotte Collins, Justin Guo, Richard Hilscher, Kara Jensen, Grier Miskell, Michael Pitts and Lea Webster.

Grade 9, high honors: Megan Alberding, Rachel Bolling, Evan Davis, Aaron Densmore, Parker Elkins, Anna Hoffman-Johnson, Colby Mills, Devlin O’Keefe and Jack Sillin.

Grade 9, honors: Youssef Ayad, Carson Becker, Owen Curnin, Ellie Dickson, Henry Farnham, Nicholas Farnham, Rachel Hooker and Isabella MacMahon.

Grade 8, highest honors: Paul Biberstein, Abram Buehner, Isabelle Coleman, Elora Griswold-Craft, Xander Kostelnik, Alexandra Markonish, Andrew Schaeffer, Elizabeth Sevigny, Reed Silvers and Joshua Soucy.

Grade 8, high honors: Avery Bakewell, Emma Cohen, Carson Fassett, Hannah Gagne, Liam Harke, Austin Hoffman, Harry Landry, Jack Lent, Phineas Murray and Zack Woods.

Grade 8, honors: Cora Braunfels, Avery Jackson, Nathaniel Lapoint, Lloyd Lathrop, Jackson Linscott, Kira Quinn, Amber Rose and Rayna Sage.

Grade 7, highest honors: Madison Argitis, Spencer Barton, Emily Beisel-Bolen, Sydney Billings, Rachel Burns, Benjamin Frank, Ellen Hilscher, Qiyou Lu, Hannah Mills, Afton Morton, Cameron Pickle and Eliza Tod.

Grade 7, high honors: Jack Bontatibus, Maya Davis, Pierce Manchester, Linus Maurer and Bronwen Ramsey-Brimberg.

Grade 7, honors: Marley Boettcher, Elizabeth Gagnon, Lila Henderson, Samuel Telse and Dan Zajkowski.

Grade 6, highest honors: Eleanor Commons, Nathan Cook, Annie Sillin, Tellie Stamaris, Anna Yankee and Samuel Yankee.

Grade 6, high honors: Cole Adams-Beyea, Lilly Davis, Molly Healey, Taylor Hemenway, Keegan Irwin, Wylie Jacobs, Olivia Juve and Jack Thibodeau.

Grade 6, honors: Patrick Alberding, Elyse Baron, Salem Griswold-Craft, Michael Hynes and Samuel Soroff.

Grade 5, highest honors: Owen Frank, Oliver Hemphill, Elliott Oney, Blythe Thompson, Madeleine Vaillancourt and Leska Whitmarsh.

Grade 5, high honors: Steven Densmore, Tiger DiMillo, Bryce Poulin, Jack Schaeffer and James Tourigny.

Local collegians make the grade

The following local students were named to the dean’s list of their respective college or university for their academic performance during the spring semester of the 2014-2015 school year.

Ithaca College: Nicholas Vogel, of North Yarmouth.

Marist College: Katelynn Boynton, of Cumberland.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Kristin Dugas, of Cumberland.

Rochester Institute of Technology: Sarah Collmus, of Falmouth; Alexander Hensley, of Yarmouth; Adrienne Michalakis, of Falmouth; Ian Morency, of Freeport; John O’Gorman, of Yarmouth; McKenzie Swift, of Freeport; and Thomas Walker, of Falmouth.

St. Lawrence University: Travis Hamre, of Yarmouth; Connor Hanley, of Cumberland; Grace King, of Yarmouth; Hayley Simmons, of Falmouth; and Emily Sturtevant, of Freeport.

University of Dallas: Keelin des Rosiers, of Falmouth.

University of Delaware: Alyse Bazinet, Falmouth; Anna Dedon, of Cumberland; and Ryan McKenna, of Cumberland.

Tyler launches scholarships for app developers

YARMOUTH — Tyler Technologies Inc., a software company with offices in Yarmouth and Falmouth, earlier this month launched the Maine App Challenge, a competition for $10,000 in college scholarships.

The competition, co-sponsored by business coalition Educate Maine, asks high-school students to develop a mobile technology application that addresses a need within their school or community.

A $6,000 scholarship will be awarded to the creator of the winning app. The second-place contestant receives a $3,000 scholarship, and the third-place developer, $1,000.

The submission deadline is Oct. 14, and more information is at