Northern School Notebook: 3 Merit scholars named, Freeport students honored

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3 local seniors named National Merit scholars

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS — Two seniors from North Yarmouth Academy and one from Falmouth High School have been selected as winners in the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Charlotte S. Eisenberg and Ellis B. Miskell, of NYA, and Isabel A. Wolfe, of Falmouth High, will each receive a $2,500 scholarship funded by the National Merit Scholarship Corp., according to a May 6 press release.

The three are among only a dozen Maine students and 2,500 students nationwide to receive such scholarships. Over 1.4 million students completed the qualifying test in October 2013 to earn a chance at a scholarship; 15,000 qualified as “finalists” in the competition.

Merit Scholarship winners were chosen on the basis of “accomplishments, skills and potential for success in rigorous college studies,” according to the nonprofit corporation, which has administered the program since 1955.

The number of winners named in each state is proportional to the state’s percentage of graduating high school seniors across the country.

In the scholarship application, Eisenberg, of Portland, described her probable career field as “undecided.” Miskell lives in Yarmouth and hopes to pursue a career in mathematics. Wolfe, a Falmouth resident, said her career would probably be in neurology.

Freeport middle-schoolers honored

FREEPORT — In recognition of their scholastic achievement, the following students were named to the honor roll of Freeport Middle School for the second trimester of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Eighth grade, high honors: Nova Ambrose, Jason D’Amico, Zachary Flood, Abigail King, Alexander Les, Atticus Patrick, Owen Patrick, Margaret Perrotta, Peter Sachs, Jacob Selian, Lucy Wing and Carlotta Ziervogel.

Eighth grade, honors: Natalie Anderson, Ashley Arruda, Grace Battarbee, Andrew Burns, Joseph Chomyn, Jacob Collard, Natalie Crawford, Camden Donald, Meredith Dowling-Wolfe, Abigail Fortune, Liam Gould, Allison Greuel, Liam Grogan, Moriah Hollen, Nash Holley, Toby Holt, Olivia Howard, Finn Johnston, Noah Kivler, Grace LaMagna, Nicholas Mitch, Tanner Morrison, James Mullen, Shiloh Munsen, Rebecca Pierce, Isaac Porter, Samuel Randall, Aaron Rusiecki, Margaret Ryan, Tabatha Sabans, Anna Sawicki, Robert Sawyer, Amelia Searfoss, Eriksen Shea, Whitney Smith, Landon Thibodeau, Brooke Toothaker, Jacob Tucker, Shea Wagner, Steele Young, Grace Zachau and Sierra Zahares.

Seventh grade, high honors: Grace Abbott, Abigail Brier, Chase Cameron, Sarah Gray, Ayanna Hatton, Caitlin Keliher, Asha Leigh, Tara Migliaccio, Malia Morin, William Mullen, Thomas Robinson, Charlotte Soule, Sarah Southall, Molly Whelan and Lucia Whittaker.

Seventh grade, honors: Emma Abbott, Jesse Bennell, Alison Blow, Damon Butler, Ian Capen, Gardner Converse, Justice Cunningham, Reagan Davis, Dakota Dearborn, Natalie Domin, Caroline Doyle, Joseph Driscoll, Callie Fowler, Ava Fox, Catriona Gould, Cassidy Gowen, Rachel Harmon, Henry Haverkamp, Parker Hall, Claire Lane, Alexys Langley, Kayla Lowe, Abigail Miller, Paige Rinaldi, Emily Sclar, Caroline Southall, Isabella St. Cyr, Maximo Steverlynck, Amy Ulrickson, Anna Whalen, William Winter and Arthur Woodcock.

Sixth grade, high honors: Nicholas Bither, Nathaniel Davis, Carly Intraversato, Halorie Kivler, Joseph Les, Emma Rankins and Eleanor Sterling.

Sixth grade, honors: Boden Abbott, Emma Barry, Cadence Bourgoin, Chase Bradbury, Zane Campbell, Claire Chomyn, Mia Christensen, Joseph Coleman, Kyra Davenport, Justin Dennison, Elias Dorsey, Adina Gibson, Nathan Giddinge, Julian Gideon, Autumn Golding, Alexander Hallstrom, Liam Hornschild-Bear, Anders Jonsson, Logan Joy, Matthew Kempf, Nicole Ledbetter, Hayley Lewis, Eli Maynard, Aidan Michaud, Sydney Morrison, Isabella Neuts, Anthony Panciocco, Miles Panenka, Allison Perrotta, Sarah Porter, Ethan Prescott, Allyson Randall, Leah Rusiecki, Anthony Salerno, Kaitlyn Sawicki, Nathan Selian, Sydney Silva, Cameron Strong, Aquinnah Van Brugh, Thomas Whelan and Isabella Wolotsky.