North Yarmouth to hold runoff election, special Town Meeting

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NORTH YARMOUTH — The town faces a pair of decisions next week: a runoff election for a seat on the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday, Aug. 2, and a vote on a contract zoning agreement Thursday, Aug. 4, for a proposed housing project on Walnut Hill Road.

Incumbent Selectman Jim Moulton and challenger Peter Lacy each received 408 votes in the June 14 election. A recount on June 24, which included previously uncounted ballots, produced another tie: 409-409.

Lacy and Moulton trailed Anne Graham, who received 796 votes June 14, and has been sworn in along with uncontested candidate Paul Napolitano. Lacy and Moulton were among five candidates running for two, three-year terms on the board; Nelson Smith received 299 votes, and Paul Metevier, 164.

With Moulton’s position unresolved, he has not sat on the board since June 30, the last day of the 2016 fiscal year.

Moulton has served 13 years on the Board of Selectmen – most recently from 2005-2008, before being elected again last year to complete an unexpired term – and was on the School Board from 2002-2005 and 2012-2015.

The owner of Jim’s Auto Repair, Moulton has also served six years on the Cumberland County Budget Advisory Committee and several years on the Zoning Board of Appeals. He served on the Policy Committee during his time on the SAD 51 board.

Lacy is an attorney with the state. He serves on the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals, and sat on the Conservation Commission when he lived in Lisbon.

Voting will take place at the former North Yarmouth Memorial School, 120 Memorial Highway, from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Contract zoning

Next week’s second decision will come during a special Town Meeting, with residents voting by a show of hands. The gathering will be held at North Yarmouth Memorial School at 7 p.m.

Developer Jim Guidi is seeking a contract zone agreement with the town to build the seven-lot Stone Post housing subdivision across the street from Stone’s Cafe & Bakery. The lots would range in size from about 15,000 to nearly 32,000 square feet, according to Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Keith.

Because the minimum lot size in that zone – the Village Center/Groundwater Protection overlay district – is 1 acre (43,560 square feet), and all but one of the lots would be about half that size, Guidi needs a contract zone to permit the development.

Guidi has already has an agreement in place to purchase the 4-acre parcel.

The Planning Board in June recommended the contract zone application be rejected, calling for the single lots to be at least 20,000 square feet, except for the common lot of approximately 15,000 square foot that would be shared by the subdivision and house the community septic system.

The panel also recommended that an additional public benefit be required besides creation of more density in the center of town: open space or affordable housing, for example.

But selectmen on July 5 approved the application, ruling that a public benefit requirement is up to them, and is not a requirement, Town Manager Rosemary Roy said in an interview July 14.

According to North Yarmouth’s land use ordinance, when considering “a request for a change in zoning classification for a particular property or group of properties under this section, the Board of Selectmen may impose certain conditions and restrictions on the use of the property where it finds that such conditions and restrictions are necessary to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare and when the Board of Selectmen seek to advance desired land use objectives consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, and where such uses provide a public purpose or benefit.”

Because North Yarmouth’s charter mandates that contract zones be approved by voters, the final decision now goes to next week’s special Town Meeting.

According to the contract zone agreement, the seven lots can each have no more than one residential unit, and the square footage above grade for the living space can be no more than 2,400 square feet. Each dwelling unit can have no more than three bedrooms.

Alex Lear can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 113 or Follow him on Twitter: @learics.

Lacy, left, and Moulton.

A Maine native and Colby College graduate, Alex has been covering coastal communities since 2001, and currently handles Bath, Topsham, Cumberland, and North Yarmouth. He and his wife, Lauren, live in the Portland area, and Alex recently released his third album of original music.
  • NYPonzi

    Beware of Moulton, he is on record not doing the right thing for the town to promote his Westcustago vision (which failed). Even to the point of voting to keep our town manager when the other 3 voted to get rid of her. Choosing to run a town according to your goals makes for a rotten selectman.

  • Watchful Eye

    I will be voting for Peter Lacy. Don’t know him but he would be a far better choice than Jim Moulton. Moulton’s efforts failed on the last go round even though he played from the bottom of the deck. So Moulton let it be known that he found out Rosey Roy was feeding info to the EDSC group..Palmer,Lonas,Murphy. You might remember that Moulton was the sole holdout when it came to getting rid of Rosey due to her inability to understand risk assessment and ultimately costing the town north of $70,000.00 in legal fees. Moulton decided to “put it to her” and Rosey became a double agent, feeding him info she was feeding the other group. Such intrigue. Moulton held out so the vote might go his way. How do I know? Ask the other selectmen.The other selectmen, selectwoman knew this and did nothing. Again and again and again. What can you say? Integrity? Don’t know the meaning. Lucky? Yup! They have a town that doesn’t care about this. Apathy? Tons! Luckyx2? You bet. How lucky are they that don’t have any checks and balances so that they can run a multi million dollar “corporation” without any checks and balances. Blame? Yup. The people in this town whose hands have grown numb from sitting on them instead of asking questions. Come on!

  • s80t6

    One has only to watch the video of candidates’ night to see Moulton’s true side. He was so in favor of the latest abysmal effort to develop the Meadow Pond property that he came across with equal parts arrogance, condescension and peevishness. Last time I checked, we still lived in a democracy.

  • Paul Hodgetts

    To bad none of you have the guts to use your real name. Your like the flower the pansies

    • Chew H Bird

      Too bad some folks do not understand the most basic best practice of utilizing a moniker when using an online, insecure message forum…

      • Paul Hodgetts

        As I said before about the flower. You sure that bird is not a chicken? The funny think is if you send in a response to the forecaster you need to have your real name on it or it won’t get printed. Should be the same here

        • Chew H Bird

          This is a third party public posting service. I have administrated message boards for 15 years and managed corporate networks for 25 years. Unless there is a compelling reason or an onbvious association with an article (such as Mr. Beem), people should never, ever, use their real names when utilizing this type of service. It is almost as insecure as Facebook and LinkedIn.

          While any reasonably skilled junior high student could, if they wanted, figure out the real names of everyone posting, by using a pseudonym people are taking the most basic protection from unscrupulous bots and malicious intent. Think of a posting pseudonym as the equivalent of at least not leaving they keys in the car when visiting Detroit…

          PS. The bird is an English Budgie.