North School Notebook

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Greely graduate supports orphans in Bolivia

CUMBERLAND — A Village of Children, a new non-profit started by 2006 Greely graduate Aaron S. Gilbert, is turning American dollars into first-world solutions for over 400 Bolivian orphans.

The company works with pre-teen mothers, with orphans of all ages, and at-risk adolescents, who are independent but feel hopeless. A Village of Children is trying to make changes using money from American supporters and an international team of volunteers.

Gilbert collects online donations at and uses the money to build projects that benefit over 400 orphans. This year they have built a recreational facility for health and fitness classes, started teaching child-mothers about nutrition, and started a program to encourage character development in otherwise socially lost adolescents.

Long-term, Gilbert hopes to turn these programs into self-sustained and locally staffed long-term programs, but they first need to hire more local teachers. While the majority of the financial support for group comes from the U.S., work on the ground is carried out by an international team of volunteers living in Bolivia. For more information visit

Freeport High School honor roll

High Honors:
Grade 9:  Caleb William Abbott, Josef Biberstein, Lauren Carter, Alexis Erlandson, Emily Johnson, Katelyn O’Neil, Jasmine Olins, Devin Robinson, Margo Ruby, Meredith Saunders, Sarah Watts; Grade 10:  Elly Bengtsson, Brandon Cigri, Emma Egan, Christopher Forest, Travis Libsack, Nicholas Nelsonwood, Jessica Perry, Ethan Roney; Grade 11:  Bennett Brainard, James Purdy, Ciera Wentworth; Grade 12: Samuel Bennett, Abigail Mahoney

Grade 9:  Ryder Bennell, Rebecca Bonney, Julia Bowen, Seth Breton, Conner Cameron, Lauren Cormier, Wynne Cushing, Maggie Davis, Madison Fleenor, Abigail Gray, Kaitlin Johnson, Molly Kennedy, Elizabeth Kolle, Thomas Lawrence, Elizabeth Martin, Brendan Qualls, Alyssa Richardson, Daniel Sinclair, Brittany Small, Abigail Smith, Julia Smith, Lilly Smith, Amber Wiers, Samuel Wogan, Charles Zachau; Grade 10:  Kendra Allard, Sydney Ambrose, Clifford Anderson, Zoe Bernstein, Adam Brobst, Meredith Broderick, Molly Brown, Dalton Chapman, Julia Fosburg, Tess Emily Gallagher, Fiona Harbert, Katie Harlow, Emily Jennings, Bethanie Knighton, Lily LaMarre, Olivia Marquis, Braden Marstaller, Katie McClelland, Emily Ann Monahan-Morang, Megan Peacock, Ashley Richardson, Sydney Terison, Erick Wentworth, Ethan Whited; Grade 11:  Kathryn Breed, Griffin Breer, Andrew Burke, Daniel Burke, Mason Cyr, Connor Dietrich, Samuel Farrar, Brittany Greene, Rebecca Hurd, Jonathan Mervine, Hannah Morrison, Aubrey Pennell Mehlhorn, Kameron Pierce, Thomas Provencher, Alec Salisbury, Brittney Shelton, Victor Skorapa, Sophie Smith, Eliza Smith-Sitnick, Macy Stowell, Nicholas Tardif, Tucker Troast, Riley Harrison Werner, Christopher West, Lindsay Wold, Leigh Wyman; Grade 12: Spencer Bernier, Christopher Collins, William Dawe, Brenna DeMerchant, Thomas Dodge, Johnny Fok, Jessica Hench, Caitlin Keniston, Zachary Kilton, Jared Knighton, William Larkins, Abigail Latulippe, Mitch Loeman, Angus Macdonald, Hallie Ojala-Barrett, Sarah Pier, Laura Ramage, Abigail Roney, Desiree Sanborn, Anna Scheffler, Joshua Soley, Eleanor Soule, Alexander Strout, Mia Thomas, Bethany Watts, Anne Wood

Yarmouth student earns scholarship for academics

Connor Ertz, of Yarmouth, a first-year student at Gettysburg College was recently awarded a Davis Wills Scholarship by the college. The David Wills Scholarship goes to top-ranking applicants based on their GPA, class rank, and SAT or ACT scores.