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gay marriage

  • Letter: Freeport pastor responds

    Stephen Farrand's letter in response to my letter begs for correction. The most up-to-date English translations of the Bible use the word "drunkard" and not the word "alcoholic" because it's not simply referring to those who need treatment, but those who in recent weeks hav... 2

  • Letter: Nun sense on gay marriage

    The Rev. Sandy Williams' letter deserves comment. So does Bishop Joseph Malone's recent sermon at the Augusta Civic Center. Both men spoke about gay marriage. Williams said the bible equates our gay neighbors with thieves and idolaters. Malone warned us that allowing gay marriage would somehow ... 3

  • Letter: Keep church, state separate

    Rev. Sandy Williams' recent letter shows that he is out of his depth in matters of social science and civic policy. He claims that "most people would condemn" the same list of sinners mentioned by Paul of Tarsus in the New Testament. I beg to differ: alcoholics, as we now... 5