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  • Wear a helmet

    An article that appeared in The Forecaster on Feb. 20 inaccurately represented the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's position on helmet use.

  • Save Willard from what?

    I've lived in greater Portland, without a dog, for almost 10 years and recently moved to the Willard Beach neighborhood of South Portland. The most positive connections I've made have been with the people and family pets I've met while walking along Willard Beach. It's definitely one of the true ple...

  • Save the sidewalks

    I feel I must respond to two of North Yarmouth selectmen, Paul Napolitano and Mark Merrill, who are looking to save money by not plowing our new sidewalks. Our sidewalks were installed three years ago at a cost of several million dollars (federal, state and town money). They are a fine addit...

  • 'A philosophy of failure'

    Tom Foley in his letter to the editor takes us through an example intended to show that the damaging effects of higher tax rates on people making $250,000 are minimal.

  • A case of hibernal torpor

    Subnivian – now there's a word I'd never heard, let alone used, until I started reading Bernd Heinrich's "Winter World," a wonderful natural history about how animals survive the winter. The word isn't even among the 260,000 in my "Unabridged Random House Dictionary of the Engl...

  • Praise for Yarmouth response

    I would like to thank and praise the Yarmouth police, rescue and public works personnel for their service to us during the Feb. 22 snow storm.

  • Mind Wilder's words

          Take a look at Chick Wilder's monument near the concession stand at Willard Beach. It says, "He made Willard Beach a place for recreation and community. His rules forbade bullying, meanness, and vandalism ... he cared for the vulne...

  • Pity the rich

                The sky is falling. President Obama is reversing the Bush tax cuts. The economy will collapse. Those who make over $250,000 per year will suffer greatly.

  • Next: Health-care reform

      During my recent Florida trip, I was greeted numerous times with comments like, "You must be proud of those ladies from Maine!" In fact, I am. Sens. Snowe and Collins proved they can break partisan gridlock to deliver economic relief. Now we need them to continue ...

  • Act now to save Darfur

    I want to commend you for publishing your excellent article about El-Fadel Arbab and the situation in Darfur. It must be very difficult for Mr. Arbab to tell his story and relive some of the horrors he experienced as a young boy. I am at least twice his age, yet he has already seen a lifetime...