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  • Letter: Obama's plan will fix health care

    Months ago my friend, a self-employed cabinetmaker, was forced to undergo surgery after an injury from a table saw accident. The procedure went well, and after three visits to the physical therapist and sticking to a program of self-directed exercises, he's fully recovered. His was an almost ideal ...

  • Letter: Thanks from Cumberland wood bank

    I would like to extend sincere thanks to all the volunteers who have been helping with the Cumberland Congregational Church's wood bank heating assistance effort the past several months. Last Spring, the church acquired a quantity of tree-length hardwood logs from a local tree company. Recently, o...

  • Letter: Beem's health-care vision is wrong

    Edgar Allen Beem wants single-payer universal health insurance as the most equitable, efficient and economical way to deliver health care, the way Canada, England and other developed nations do. In fact, most of these countries have a hybrid system of private and government because Beem's dream does... 1

  • Letter: 'Corporate welfare' in Brunswick

    I am outraged at the thought that we, the citizens of Brunswick, are being hoodwinked by Oxford Aviation. The term "corporate welfare" comes to mind. Are we, as taxpayers, going to be paying and paying for the owner to expand his business ($800,000 paint booth) and are we... 2

  • The Universal Notebook: UMaine System won't turn around easily

    Former University of Maine System Chancellor Robert Woodbury, a man I liked and admired greatly, died Sept.12 at the age of 71. Bob once told me that running a university is like skippering an ocean liner – it takes a long time to turn it around and head in a new direction.

  • Global Matters: Do the right thing, Sen. Snowe

    Most of us hope to leave the world in a better condition than when we arrived. We want a safer, cleaner and healthier world for our children and grandchildren. Few of us have the opportunity to shape policies or implement strategies that can impact the world on a broad scale, yet we strive to be con... 2

  • Letter: Governali for Cape Elizabeth council

    I am writing to offer my enthusiastic support for Frank Governali in the upcoming Cape Elizabeth Town Council election. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Frank in our roles with the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation, and have seen from this vantage point the abundance of intelligence, ...

  • Letter: A few neighbors shouldn't rule Willard Beach

    The South Portland dog issue boils down to a dispute about territory. A small group of Willard Beach residents, bought or in one case built, their homes adjacent to a public park, Willard Beach. They feel that gives them, instead of the city, first rights to make the rules for the park. Now all they...

  • Letter: Thanks for sharing Willard Beach

    As a Cape Elizabeth resident and dog owner I am writing to express my gratitude to the people of South Portland for sharing their beautiful Willard Beach with us and our puppy. We regularly join our South Portland friends for early weekend morning walks there. The beach sharing system now in plac...

  • Letter: Don't 'fix' Willard Beach

    The debate over dogs on Willard Beach in South Portland has now turned into a referendum with slogans of "Save the Beach" and "Share the Beach." What are we saving it from?