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  • pnms-letter_curtis-123108 'Guilt by association'

    J. Dwight, began his recent Forum column by dismissing several proposed "fixes" for global warming as mere ploys by developers to make more money. He then continued to assign guilt by association to the larger scientific community and to malign the scientific consensus that human acti...

  • s-letter_kelley-122608 Think baseball

    We are fortunate in South Portland to have many active volunteers to provide opportunities for our children to participate in various activities. South Portland National Little League is one organization that has benefited over the years from the significant contributions of many parents, as bo...

  • North Yarmouth recycles

      I would like to report a positive happening in this time of not always good news. For two months in a row, North Yarmouth has had the highest recycling rate of ecomaine members: 49.03 percent and 49.58 percent. Rates for the previous three years have varied from 10 percent t...

  • Experience matters

    What a difference 10 years makes. Many will recall the dire straits that Falmouth was in during the ice storm of 1998. I was the deputy chief of EMS. We had no public shelter, no public water supply (established well over a week after the incident), no fuel, no electricity. Our excellent Fire...

  • Bill's closing bittersweet

    I've known Bill Kinsman and his family since I was a young child, back when they lived in Portland, next door to us. And when he opened Bill's Pizza of Yarmouth, my family and I visited often. Great food, great family and many memories were shared. I am happy for Bill – he can move on, maybe ...

  • The light in the forest

    Here at the blessed end of 2008, one of the most difficult years in living memory, we must all be looking to the new year with a mixture of dread at what else might lie ahead and hope for a return to peace and prosperity.

  • Beem's mileage

    We all realize that Edgar Allen Beem is a left-wing nut ,but he is getting worse. In his anti-all things American rant about Detroit and its failure to produce 100-mpg vehicles, he fails to mention that his favorite country, Japan, does not produce these vehicles, either. This is simply becaus...

  • The biggest con job in the history of man

    Be skeptical about global warming and you're branded with a scarlet "D" for "Denier." Say global warming is a crock, and you are shunned at parties.

  • My hero, the lineman

    By Eva Murray

  • Dogs to dollars

    The short-sightedness of the proposals to charge non-residents money to walk their dogs on Willard Beach or to make walking our dogs in South Portland inconvenient is that it ignores the multiplier effect dogs have on the South Portland economy.