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  • Pity the rich

                The sky is falling. President Obama is reversing the Bush tax cuts. The economy will collapse. Those who make over $250,000 per year will suffer greatly.

  • Next: Health-care reform

      During my recent Florida trip, I was greeted numerous times with comments like, "You must be proud of those ladies from Maine!" In fact, I am. Sens. Snowe and Collins proved they can break partisan gridlock to deliver economic relief. Now we need them to continue ...

  • Act now to save Darfur

    I want to commend you for publishing your excellent article about El-Fadel Arbab and the situation in Darfur. It must be very difficult for Mr. Arbab to tell his story and relive some of the horrors he experienced as a young boy. I am at least twice his age, yet he has already seen a lifetime...

  • Rationalizing war crimes

    For the most part, Israel's whatever-it-does defenders have been laying low, embarrassed by the fourth most powerful nation's wanton slaughter in Gaza, 100-plus Palestinians for every Israeli – even using outlawed phosphorus and the new Dense Inert Matter Explosive (DIME) – and burdened by ...

  • The party of no (respectfully)

    In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration enjoyed unprecedented support and freedom to act. The threat seemed obvious. The world was sympathetic. The country rallied.The Administration used that opportunity to reorganize our country's intelligence and law...

  • Maine: 'The Maple Tree State'?

    Back around Christmas this paper published a column by investment counselor, birdwatcher and Maine Heritage Policy Center activist Lawrence E. Dwight Jr. (a.k.a. "J.Dwight") entitled "The biggest con job in the history of man." Dwight tried to make the case that climate chan...

  • Room for common ground on historic Congress Street

    Maine's historic downtown areas are a key component of the Maine "brand" – the authenticity, vitality and sense of place that attract people to our state. Portland has a great example of this in Congress Street, where distinctive architecture, wide sidewalks, and a vibrant communi...

  • Going out of print

    The combination of a recession in the economy and a revolution in information technology is conspiring to put me out of business. Or at the very least, out of print.

  • School song, dance

    The Feb. 13 Forecaster related how 16 educators toured South Portland High School and found there were numerous items to be fixed: the roof leaks, some windows need repairing, faucets need to be fixed, heating and ventilation is inadequate, etc.

  • Israel isn't Hamas' only target

    Rotarians and Lions beware: You may not know it, but you are enemies of Hamas, the terrorist group-cum-political organization that now controls the Gaza strip.