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  • Forecaster Forum: The right tax reform at the right time

    As a longtime advocate of tax reform and responsible state government spending, I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Maine Legislature during the past several months. Amid a difficult recession and drastic reduction in state revenues, the state was able to balance its budget, cutting ne... 1

  • Forecaster Forum: Feel the heat with Bikram yoga

    Heat yoga is, in a word, hot – both literally and figuratively. I tried it for the first time last week at Portland Power Yoga Studio. Although I have been practicing yoga regularly during the past year as a form of stress relief, this type of yoga, otherwise known as Bikram or Vinyas...

  • Letter: Cape intersection needs improvement

    I recently received a letter from a fellow resident of Cape Elizabeth who told me that I should reconsider my support for intersection improvements in the center of town because I was "clearly in the minority." Assuming that this person was correct, I am writing this letter to the majority...

  • Letter: Beem blasts the messenger

    Edgar Allen Beem's column on national TV and radio host Glenn Beck is the Left's most common reaction to anything they disagree with: attack the messenger. Usually with ad hominem insults. Besides calling Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and tens of millions in their audiences "stupid," "evil... 5

  • Letter: Reverse the Pine Point decision

    Scarborough Town Councilors D'Andrea, Roy and Rancourt, who opposed an "end justifies the means" approach during July 15 deliberations, requesting additional information prior to voting on an inequitable land exchange in Pine Point, are commended for their patient, thoughtful and responsib...

  • Letter: Don't change Pine Point

    I have lived in Pine Point all my life and my ancestors settled here in the 1600s. All my life I've spent many hours on our beautiful beach. I am an avid bird watcher and have many friends who I've met through birding. I no longer walk the beach like I did in my youth and depend now on Pine Poi...

  • The Universal Notebook: A show of hands

    Yesterday I saw a young, teenage couple walking down the street hand-in-hand. They were dressed similarly in black clothes that suggested punk rockers on summer vacation, but the us-against-the-world defiance of their appearances was leavened by the tenderness with which they held hands. The bond of... 1

  • Letter: Beem entertains, educates

    I hope you will keep publishing Edgar Allen Beem's columns for as long as he writes them. Not only are they a distinctive feature of The Forecaster, but they give your readers entertainment and education in two ways: First, through the thoughtful, calm and compassionate thoughts they articulate, an...

  • Letter: Beem's 'satire' hits the mark

    I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying Edgar Allen Beem's column recently. His ongoing satires of the liberal mindset have had me chuckling for hours. Beem continues to deftly expose the radical left wing's self-righteousness and hypocrisy, all the while playing the part of a liberal colum... 1

  • Letter: Beem is right about Beck

    Edgar Allen Beem is exactly accurate in his recent column about Glenn Beck (and Rush Limbaugh). When people have free-floating fear, anxiety, anger, stress overload, the right-wing talking point puppets (Beck, Limbaugh, etc.) are experts at manipulating people like Beth O'Connor into focusing on...