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  • Letter: Graham listens in District 109

    With every new election, the bad behavior just seems to get worse and worse. The name calling and spreading of false information are a waste of time and energy and are a shameful way to model to our children. I’m grateful that a local candidate in District 109 has instead used her ti...

  • Letter: Thomas for Senate District 10

    As a resident of Brunswick, I am writing to express my strong support for Scott Thomas for state Senate in District 10 (Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell and Pownal). Scott understands that the shell game in Augusta with our tax dollars must stop. Over the past years Augusta has paid lip serv...

  • Letter: North Berwick rep backs Graham

    My strong belief that Anne Graham will do an outstanding job as your representative motivates me to write this letter of support. As a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, I have seen Anne testify before the committee in her role as a member of the Advisory Council on Health System...

  • Letter: Mitchell will be good for business

    There has never been a government plan that couldn’t stand improving. They always start well and then something is added on, and another item is attached and before long, what started as a workable plan is muddled and working inefficiently Clearly, Maine’s support for businesses needs...

  • Letter: Fed up with campaign signs

    Maine is one of four states with a billboard law that passed in 1979 and survived significant court challenges. In fact, Maine was second after Vermont to enact such legislation with the intent to protect Maine's scenic character, highway safety, support the economic benefits of tourism and the ... 2

  • The Universal Notebook: The coming collapse of capitalism

    Now that news has become a form of satirical entertainment, it’s not surprising to find some of the most profound insights into world affairs turning up as jokes on "The Colbert Report," "The Daily Show" and "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live." On SNL last week, for instance, f... 4

  • Short Relief: Half a mayor is worse than none

    I wasn’t particularly unhappy with the way that we have been voting in Portland. I was comfortable with the idea of each person having one vote. It is a relatively simple, straightforward, workable way to express a preference. One that has stood the test of time. I was unhappy tha...

  • No Sugar Added: The case of the shrinking Saltines

    The other day, I got a call from the high school nurse. My daughter, Ophelia, needed to be picked up. Apparently, her symptoms indicated that she may have suffered a concussion. Nausea, lightheadedness, trouble focusing on her work. How might this have happened, the school nurse inquired? 3

  • Forecaster Forum: 'It is time for serious adults in Congress'

    Our country faces a great decision. We can continue the wild, deficit spending until the wheels come off the economy and we plunge into fiscal chaos, or we can take the necessary steps to rein in spending and save our country from financial disaster. Voters hold that decision in their hand... 24

  • Forecaster Forum: 'While there is much still to do, we have made some progress'

    When I became a member of Congress a little over two years ago, our country faced some massive challenges: the worst economic recession in our lifetime, a federal budget that had gone from surplus to historic deficit in the previous eight years, two wars and soaring health-care costs. It has bee...