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  • Letter: Beem's value is inflated

    I don't know how much Edgar Allen Beem gets paid for being a contributing writer (and an obviously biased one at that). Whatever it is, he's being overpaid and should be enthusiastically sending more of it to Augusta and Washington. Mel Read

  • Letter: Shame on Beem, newspaper

    The Forecaster should be ashamed to have printed Edgar Allen Beem’s piece “Moral universe is no place for Tea Partiers.” I read Mr. Beem’s opinions shaking my head and usually he’s trying to convince the readers (more likely himself) that he’s a thoughtf... 10

  • The Universal Notebook: Moral universe is no place for tea parties

    “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used this line in at least three of his historic speeches during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. It is an elegant and optimistic expression of the ideas that the un... 25

  • Letter: Re-elect Rodden in Falmouth

    During her first three years on the Falmouth Town Council, Bonny Rodden has proved herself to be an intelligent and thoughtful representative. She has worked tirelessly to preserve and enhance economic benefits for all Falmouth residents, not just one or two special-interest groups. Her work to ...

  • Letter: Falmouth lawmaker backs Rodden

    On June 8, Falmouth voters will elect three people to serve on the Town Council. Bonny Rodden is completing a three-year term as a councilor, and is running for re-election. I urge your support of her candidacy. We are very fortunate in Falmouth to have capable, thoughtful, hard-working ...

  • Global Matters: Poetic justice, from Maine to Arizona

    Remember those old, black-and-white films of foreign intrigue where the sinister police chief strides up to a table in a smoky bar and demands of one of the patrons, “Papers, please?” The police chief then silently studies the proffered documents, looking for irregularities or a prete...

  • Letter: Councilor questions South Portland school budget

    Thursday, May 6, is a day to mark on your calendar. South Portland will vote on two issues: the school budget referendum and a vote to determine if the public should continue to vote on the school budget. This school budget calls for 25 (direct service to children) positions to be cut, but...

  • Letter: No benefit from Beem's take on honor code

    I am writing in regard to the opinion piece by Edgar Allan Beem entitled "Honor code or inquisition?". He says "Even less do I understand why anyone would rat them out. Nothing very honorable about that either." I would ask Mr. Beem, at what level of illegal behavior is it acceptable to "r... 1

  • Letter: Dave Murray for Falmouth council

    Stepping in to fill a need at a time when strong leadership is required is commendable in itself, but Dave Murray is truly showing his mettle by running for Falmouth Town Council after already having served in the position before. We are very lucky to have someone with the experience of ha...

  • Letter: Varney for Falmouth council

    Faith Varney is a dedicated community member of long standing and my choice for Town Council. Her positive outlook, her sensitivity to the average resident's voice, and cultured ability to negotiate differences of opinions while maintaining strong core values are qualities and talents that make h...