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  • Letter: SAD 51 board urges support for budget

    The citizens of SAD 51 have some important work to complete before we can head to the beach. On June 9 we gather at Greely High School to review the budget proposed by the School Board. The theme of this budget is continuous progress toward greater student achievement despite the economic...

  • Letter: Tucker for Falmouth School Board

    Lucy Tucker is the kind of leader Falmouth needs on the School Board. Raised by parents who believed the best gift you can give your children is a great education, she moved to Falmouth because of the great schools.  Lucy has been an active volunteer for 10 years and is looking to provide su...

  • Letter: Safe Chemicals Act deserves support

    As a pediatrician and father of a 4-year-old daughter, the health and well-being of children is forefront in my mind. It’s crucial to have common sense, science-based policies to protect children’s health. Maine’s Kid Safe Products Act and the phase-out of toxic BPA from childre...

  • Letter: Eliminate industrial operations in residential Cumberland

    The beep-beep-beeping of construction vehicles, the noise from the equipment being used and from dumping of material is loud and unhealthy. The activity of removing or processing gravel materials is a dusty industrial operation, not one conducive to a residential neighborhood. The heavy dump-truc...

  • A reminder about letters

    The final deadline for submitting letters to the editor about upcoming elections and ballot questions is Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day), at noon. Complete guidelines for letters are online at theforecaster.net/page/contact-us.

  • Forecaster Forum: Falmouth's smart move is to vote no on Question 1

    On June 14 Falmouth voters will decide whether to accept or reject Question 1 to spend more than $5.5 million to convert two decrepit brick buildings, Lunt and Plummer schools, into a new library and a commercial office building, and Motz School into a site for Falmouth Community Programs.

  • Forecaster Forum: Falmouth can't afford not to approve Question 1

    On June 14, Falmouth voters will determine the fate of one of our most significant assets, the Lunt/Plummer-Motz property. It’s a rare opportunity to shape our town’s services for generations to come – without raising taxes. It’s an opportunity that will disappear if Quest...

  • Forecaster Forum: Question 1 is a one-time opportunity for Falmouth

    Falmouth referendum Question 1, the “Town Center” proposal, is a unique opportunity that is too good to pass up. After much discussion, the majority of the library board of trustees voted April 3 to endorse the referendum. If it passes, it will solve the space problem that has ...

  • Global Matters: A leaky peace in the Middle East

    I’m of two minds about WikiLeaks, the online disseminator of confidential government documents. On one hand, it performs a valuable service. It’s fascinating to see how the world of diplomacy really operates, and it’s important for citizens to know what their governments are rea... 1

  • The Universal Notebook: Who elected the Maine Heritage Policy Center?

    Although I disagree with virtually everything the Maine Heritage Policy Center says, does and is, I would have no problem with it pursuing its conservative political agenda were it not for the fact that it pretends to be a nonpartisan think tank and, thereby, gets away with not disclosing who pro... 1