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  • Editorial: It's getting harder to be heard in Harpswell

    We ask a lot of our local elected officials. We expect them to be know-it-alls on topics ranging from general assistance to residential zoning. We ask them to pinch pennies in multi-million-dollar budgets. They put in long hours, and usually don't get paid much, if at all. 1

  • Short Relief: Beyond the debt crisis, an opportunity for all of us

    Soon, the United States will either have defaulted on its debt obligation or we will have cobbled together some last-minute plan that is more a desperate gambit than well-thought-out solution. Democrats and Republicans have coherent explanations for why the other party is responsible for o... 1

  • The Universal Notebook: The virtue of eating local

    When it comes to eating, I’m afraid I’m an indiscriminate omnivore. I’m the kind of guy who can’t tell the difference between Two Buck Chuck and Chateau Mouton Rothschild and doesn’t care. I scoff down hot dogs and burgers and fries. I’m an out and out haute cu... 2

  • No Sugar Added: Doing the rest-area aerobics

    Summer means road trips. And, unavoidably, rest areas. I have driven all over the Northeast, and after having sampled a goodly number of rest-area restrooms, what I want to know is this: When did someone decide that we would be better served if our hygiene were automated? Was it bec...

  • Letter: South Portland food cupboard gives thanks

    We have been picking up leftover bread twice a week from Scratch Bakery for a number of years, and now with Bathras open next door, they, too, are donating leftover bread twice a week. We freeze the bread and thaw on Thursday morning for giving to clients. We thank both stores for their generou...

  • Letter: State rep. urges use of 'Circuit Breaker'

    Applications for refunds of up to $1,600 are available for property taxes or rent paid in 2010. The state refund program, called “Circuit Breaker,” provides middle and low-income Maine residents with a partial refund of local property taxes and/or rent paid on their primary residence....

  • Letter: Think carefully about 'smart' meters

    Our primary electricity provider, Central Maine Power, is offering us three "smart meter" choices. We can select the free unit that sends and receives thousands of amplified wireless signals a day between our meter and a third-party company that traps and sells our data with us paying for ...

  • Letter: Beem's analysis is on target

    I should have written this letter years ago. Edgar Allen Beem rocks. Last week's column on the future Republican presidential candidate, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, was another in a long line of outstanding, incisive works. I like The Forecaster, and mean no insult to it by saying thi...

  • Letter: Yarmouth watershed trust appreciates column

    We at Royal River Conservation Trust would like to thank Ed Beem for recognizing one of our preserves in his column. We are excited and proud of the work that's been done by our organization to conserve important working and natural landscapes of the Royal River watershed. We strive to protect ...

  • The Universal Notebook: A day of GOP prayer and fasting

    As a liberal Democrat and a lifelong member of the progressive United Church of Christ, I welcome Gov. Paul LePage’s declaration of Aug. 6 as a Day of Prayer and Fasting. It’s high time that LePage and his conservative Republican cronies realized that they have a lot to repent for and... 9