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  • Letter: Beem provides enlightenment

    The Aug. 17 edition of The Forecaster had four letters to the editor, three being anti-Edgar Allen Beem. Most letters about him disagree with him, some vehemently; the more conservative the writers the more vehement they are. I assume liberal readers probably agree with most of what he writes, bu...

  • Letter: Couldn't agree more with Beem

    I just picked up The Forecaster in order to read Edgar Allen Beem's opinion column, as I always do prior to getting on the ferry to Diamond Cove. I read "Blame it on the poor, Standard & Poor's, that is." I have to say that I couldn't agree more and further have to add that I continua...

  • Letter: Beem deserves a Pulitzer

    If there is a weekly newspaper category for Pulitzer Prize opinion writing, please submit Edgar Allen Beem's column, "Smarten Up, America." Beem should not despair. Hopefully, our education system will ultimately teach Americans – liberals, conservatives, et. al. – the basics ...

  • Letter: It takes stupid to know stupid

    In support of his proposition that "American politicians are too stupid to govern," Edgar Allen Beem cites Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., whom he describes as a "right-wing idealogue." Presumably, Mr. Beem reached this conclusion because Ryan had the temerity to propose a plan which would reduce govern... 3

  • The Universal Notebook: Blame it on the poor, Standard & Poor's, that is

    Let’s face it, I don’t know squat about the U.S. economy. You don’t know squat about the U.S. economy either. We just do our jobs. We work hard. We pay our bills. We pay our taxes. It’s not our faults the economy is in a tailspin and taking us down with it. A quarte... 8

  • Letter: New councilor off track already in Falmouth

    During the recent campaign for Town Council in Falmouth, I though one of the reasons Chris Orestis gave for running was because he didn't think the council represented the views of the residents of Falmouth and that some councilors were pursuing their own agendas. So I was surprised to read in th...

  • Letter: Closing small post offices is the wrong approach

    It is no secret that the U.S. Postal Service is experiencing a time of financial instability, partially due to the decline in mail volume. However the root cause of the Postal Service's struggles are largely due to the way Congress extracts Postal profits. The Postal Service does not utili...

  • Trim, clip, mow: A farewell to summertime maintenance

    Last week I got a note from the guy who mows my lawn. He’s headed back to college, and with him goes my yard maintenance. Sad? Not really. Although I’m in no hurry to bid the summer ado, and would actually love to have my children on permanent vacation so I’d never again ...

  • Letter: Smarten up, Beem

    Airheads ? Beam, look in the mirror! Yes, most Americans do want their entitlements and expect someone else will pay. Beam summed up the Dem's platform pretty well in his column Aug.10 “Smarten up, America.” The stupidity in this is that no matter how much you tax rich American... 4

  • Letter: Beem's attitude contradicts his opinion

    I occasionally read Edgar Allen Beem's columns and less occasionally I am mildly illuminated by his insights. However, the value of the insights he provides are usually outweighed by his opinionated, judgmental and sanctimonious attitude. I am speaking of the opinions expressed in the Jul... 1