New traffic rules on Peaks Island

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PEAKS ISLAND — Ferry passengers planning to take vehicles to Peaks Island this summer should note new traffic rules in the busy Down Front area.

The changes are meant to help with traffic flow on Welch Street and Island Avenue, where cars queue for the ride back to the mainland. The area is highly congested, especially during the summer months.

“The emphasis is to not allow double parking on Island Avenue,” said Michael Murray, the city’s island and neighborhoods liaison.

The changes were suggestions of the Peaks Island Council, and went into effect July 1.

According to Peaks Island Councilor Lynne Richard, highlights of the changes include:

•  The waiting line has been extended down Welch Street to accommodate 12 vehicles.

•  The police vehicle and the new island taxi both have designated parking in the turn-around on Welch Street.

•  One handicapped parking space remains at the end of Welch Street.

•  Queuing cars are not allowed to park on the corner, or to double park on Island Avenue.

Richard, in an e-mail, also suggested islanders and visitors help alleviate congestion Down Front by meeting passengers on Island Avenue instead of down at the ferry landing, waiting until after the rush to meet passengers and not taking a vehicle when possible.

Murray said there are new signs Down Front about the changes. Information about the changes is also available at Casco Bay Lines, and is being distributed to people who purchase vehicle tickets.

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