New farmers' market in Yarmouth offers fresh, organic goods

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YARMOUTH — A new farmers’ market offering a variety of organic and sustainable products launched last week at Town Hall.

Farmers from North Yarmouth, Brunswick, Bowdoinham, Harpswell and Falmouth will offer fresh cheese, yogurt, vegetables, sweets, meats, flowers and soups at the weekly market through the end of October.

Vanessa Farr, the town’s director of planning and development, helped create the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market, which is no longer associated with the Cumberland Farmers’ Market. The Cumberland Farmers’ Market hosts its own weekly markets in Cumberland, Freeport and Falmouth.

Farr collaborated with Nick Costello and Sam Manetti of Dancing Cricket Farm in Bowdoinham to create a market that provides customers with local, sustainable and organic products.

“This market features less conventional farm practices and has more of a sustainable focus,” Farr said. “We want to give customers the best of our region and these unique farms do just that.”

Farr said it is important to her that items offered at a local farmer’s market are made without dyes or artificial coloring.

“As a mother, it’s a big deal to me to have natural, organic ingredients,” she said.

Manetti and Costello grow certified organic vegetables. Their farm is part of the Center for Ecological, Cultural and Living Arts where Costello is the education coordinator and Manetti is the instructor and resource manager.

“The main focus is to develop strategies on how to live off the land, and our farm is a platform for education,” Costello said. “We invite children to the farm to see what we do. It’s a good way to make a connection at a young age.”

Manetti said customers who visit the Yarmouth market can get all their necessities in one place. She also said there are fewer crafts and more food.

“The vendors here sell the essentials – milk, meat, vegetables,” she said. “It’s a good selection from local farmers.”

Fresh organic soups are provided by Mike Gerome of Karmasouptra and baked goods come from Stephanie O’Neil’s Tulips Cupcakery

“These cupcakes are harvest-inspired by all things local,” O’Neil said. “Fresh local butter and eggs, vegetables and fruits.”

Justin Deri of Deri Farm in North Yarmouth used to work as a software engineer before starting his farming career about five years ago. He said this is his first farmers’ market. 

“This is in our backyard,” he said. “This market helps to diversify my market.”

Deri sells vegetables and flowers at Skyline Farm.

Lee Carleton, farm manager of Milkweed Farm in Brunswick, said like other farms at the Yarmouth market, she primarily offers Community Supported Agriculture shares to her customers. She said the family operated farm grows vegetables, and has dairy and meat cows, pigs, ducks and turkeys. They practice rotational grazing, cover cropping and companion planting.

Lauren Pignatello of North Whitefield offers cheese, yogurt, butter and kefir from her family farm, Swallowtail Farm and Creamery. She said her six children help run the farm, maintain the animals and make the products.

Tabitha and Ian Jerolmack of Stonecipher Farm in Bowdoinham offer organic vegetables and fruits; Joe Murray of Dragonfly Cove Farm in Dresden offers goat meat and goat meat products; Tony DiPietro of Sunny Acre Farm in Falmouth sells flowers, birdhouses and Boomer Bed kits, and Linda Biden of Eastern River Cattle Company in Dresden sells all-natural Angus beef and rose veal. 

Biden said she is thrilled to be a part of the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market.

“This market has such a great vibe, a nice atmosphere,” she said. “All the farmers are really into organic and all-natural practices.”

Other farms that will participate in the market include Hayward Farm of North Yarmouth and Potts Harbor Lobster of Harpswell.

“This is a great selection of local farmers with local, sustainable products,” Farr said. “They have a lot to offer the community.”

The Yarmouth Farmers’ Market will be held every Thursday in front of Town Hall Memorial Green, 200 Main St., from 2:30-6:30 p.m. Musicians and students from 317 Main Street Community Music School will to provide music each week, and interested musicians are encouraged to join in a pick-up jam.

Amy Anderson can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 110 or Follow her on Twitter: @amy_k_anderson.

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Justin Deri of Deri Farm in North Yarmouth joined the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market this year. He and about 10 other farmers from throughout the area are offering sustainable produce, meat and dairy products through October.