n-letter_leson-010109 Lifesaver's life saved

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Last week I suffered a medical emergency that in seconds was a life-or-death emergency. It amounted to a great deal of blood loss and, as an EMT, I knew I had only minutes to get medical treatment before I would succumb.
It is hard to know what words to use to thank people for responding and saving your life, but I feel they need to be recognized by the community for the work they do, free of charge and at a moment’s notice.
Thank you to Linda Rackley for just being there, calling 911 and holding pressure until we were well on the way. Thank you to Marianne Quinn for her quick response and making for a smooth transition from good friend to care giver, then EMT. Thank you to Marlee Baston and Steve Geary, who dropped everything and gave the fastest response possible. Thanks to Nelson Smith for holding pressure in a Code 3 ambulance, standing up the whole time.
And thank you to Evariste Bernier, paramedic, who calmed the whole crew and who has trained many of us in EMS medicine.
I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for each and every one of you.

Julie Leson
North Yarmouth