Madeline Point plan OK'd by Yarmouth Planning Board

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YARMOUTH — Although it did not discuss project costs, the Planning Board has approved an amended version of a pier and float project at Madeline Point.

The project includes the construction of the pier and float system, a drop-off and turn-around area, parking along the access road and increased mooring sites.

According to engineer Barney Baker of Baker Design Consultants, the greatest goal of the project is to increase public access for swimming, boating and recreational activities. He said the project would also safeguard against further congestion and the proliferation of additional structures along the waterfront. 

The plan passed 6-1, with Chairwoman Pamelia Adams opposed.

Adams said she has been concerned about the plan since the beginning, and said the area is too small to build out. She is against the proximity of the parking spaces to a neighboring home, and is also not in favor of dinghy storage on the beach. Adams said the area is known for boating, fishing, swimming,
and relaxing, but all could be compromised by the expansion.

“This would spoil what is now an unusual public and very special waterfront space,” she said. “No other town facility offers as much in such a small area.”

There are 55 moorings now at Madeline Point, and Baker said the town could increase that number. He said a shared dinghy program could be implemented to reduce the need for individual dinghies, and a storage rack could be used to hold the dinghies when they are not in use. 

Police Chief Mike Morrill said there are as many as 55 people waiting for a mooring at Madeline Point, and as of this year, those who wish to remain on the list must pay a $10 fee.

Planning Board member Steve Woods said Town Manager Nat Tupper did a good job getting a 10-year lease for land from Florida Power & Light, and said the project would allow more residents access to the property.

Member Stacey Stevens said the project is a direct response to public requests for more waterfront access, as noted in the Comprehensive Plan. He said the Madeline Point plan is suitable, and he supported the project.

The plan is still awaiting permit approval from the Department of Environmental Protection and then must go before the Town Council for financial discussions and final approval.

Baker said it is ambitious to think the project could begin in 2009, but said it could begin soon after permitting and council approval.

“We are a ways out still,” he said.

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