Letter: Your candidate lost, so get over it

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The irony in the post-election hysteria that is sweeping the country is remarkable. The sore losers are upset that their candidate did not win the election. They are chanting slogans and carrying signs that tell us “Love Trumps Hate,” but unfortunately that only represents about 10 percent of their efforts. The other 90 percent seem to be more devoted to “Hate Trumps Trump.”

Why is it that some folks cannot accept losing? After each of the past two presidential elections, over 60 million American voters were disappointed when their guy was not elected. But they held no transnational demonstrations denouncing the outcome or demanding that the vote be changed because it did not turn out to their liking. Life went on.

What separates the behavior of the two groups? Is the current group on the losing side more immature, benighted, or lawless than the former? Have they gotten their way so often that it is inconceivable that they would ever be denied victory?

Losing is tough, but it is an undeniable part of life, and the sooner some of these protesters and rioters learn this lesson the better they will be for it. One can fight hard in support of a candidate or idea, but sometimes you don’t win. Instead of wailing and denouncing a result that cannot be changed, accept reality. Maybe next time you will win.

If these temper tantrums continue much longer, fair-minded people just might start wondering on which side the true “deplorables” reside.

Gerald Caruso

  • David Craig

    I’m far less concerned about people exercising their right to assemble in peaceful protest than I am about the wave of harassment, intimidation, and violence against minority groups by a newly emboldened alt-right. Trump sent a clear signal to his supporters about “acceptable” treatment of women, racial minorities, the LGBTQ community, and the disabled. It hasn’t taken them long to sink to his level.

    • yathink2011

      Donald Trump don’t send you that message, the Main Stream Media sent you that message, because they live in the Swamp. Give it some time and you’ll see.

      • Just Sayin’

        Do you REALLY still think that Trump is going to ‘drain the swamp’ after seeing the motley collection of cronies he’s putting together in his cabinet? Most of them aren’t politicians, but they’re wall street insiders, white nationalists, etc?

        If THAT’S ‘draining the swamp’, he’s replacing it with a toxic waste dump.

        Oh yes, and Trump does send those messages, both with words and actions.

        • yathink2011

          You’re just sayin.

          • Just Sayin’

            And you’re dodging the question, don’t ya think?

          • yathink2011

            Not at all. I just don’t have the time, nor want to waste the time, to disqus it with someone such as yourself, that has it all figured out, and doesn’t have an open mind. I’m sorry you’re going to lose all of your free stuff that the rest of us pay for, but Hillary came out on the losing side. You don’t like Donald Trump. Got it. I’m sure he doesn’t like you either, so it’s even steven.

          • Just Sayin’

            Typical. You seem to have it ‘all figured out’ yourself, and are so sure that Trump’s been maligned by the media that you’re willing to ignore what he’s said on video. Do you call that having an open mind?

            You can’t actually back up your argument, so the moment someone who’s actually been paying attention contradicts you, you tuck your tail between your legs and run.

            Come back if you’d actually like to discuss it. I’ll be here.

  • 101indianscout

    The Forecaster has a “truethfinder” rating on the comments now? How Orwellian.