Letter: Yes on Question 1

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The TV ads have started. Maine voters are asked to vote no on a plan to raise income taxes in a bad economy.

These messages do not tell the whole story. The new law which was passed on June 12, 2009,would add new sales taxes on such services as car repairs, boat moorings and movie tickets.

Yes, we are living in a bad economy. These additional costs will hurt Maine business – existing and potential. Who wants to come to Maine to be nickeled and dimed?

And what about our local non-profit agencies? The new law will not allow Maine taxpayers to deduct contributions to churches, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other not-for-profit organizations.

In addition, the new law would not allow Maine taxpayers to deduct medical expenses.

On June 8, help support Maine business and charitable organizations and vote yes on Question 1.

Mary Lancey
South Portland