Letter: Yes on Question 1 in North Yarmouth

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It drives me crazy whenever I see my town abbreviated as “No. Yarmouth.” But now I guess there’s a reason for it.

The upcoming referendum vote in my town has an opposition group that likes the “No” in North Yarmouth.

They want to vote no to converting our beloved school into a town community center. No to moving our embarrassingly cramped town office and meeting room into better, more efficient quarters. No to thinking creatively about slowing school taxes by creating a town center TIF district. Most towns around us are doing this, but no, not here, I guess.

I vote yes. Yes to a converted school with a community gym and Wescustogo. Yes to young families who are already actively volunteering, recreating, and making a difference here. Yes to a thriving town center that benefits everyone in town.

Yes on North Yarmouth Question 1. As for Question 2: Vote no, of course.

Katie Murphy
North Yarmouth 

  • Richard

    Notice all the houses that aren’t selling now, imagine a place where all our home values plummet and the town gets absorbed by Cumberland or Yarmouth. That is what a yes on 1 vote looks like in the future. Spending money we don’t have on stuff we don’t need. North Yarmouth was a great place, not any more. Glad to be moving away, just hoping our house sells.

  • Take Smaller Steps

    I applaud your energy and dedication for the development of a Affordable Housing District in the heart of North Yarmouth. I suspect that if you say right up front that the end result, in your vision, is an Affordable Housing projects in the middle of town, most people would be against that. I also presume that most folks do not just want to do what surrounding towns do. We are North Yarmouth first and foremost.
    In addition, maybe people aren’t against doing “something” but they just don’t want SO MUCH SO QUICKLY. This decision will be permanent. Too many people already think they’re being left behind on this decision.