Letter: Yes on Question 1 in North Yarmouth

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I urge my neighbors in North Yarmouth to vote yes on referendum Question 1.

I believe that the town’s proposal promotes a community center (town office and gym) while encouraging reasonable housing and business development as desired under the Comprehensive Plan. The proposal also allows a Tax Increment Financing zone that will help keep taxes lower. Finally, under our Town Charter, any large town expenditures must be authorized by a town vote in the future.

Rob Wood
North Yarmouth 

  • Questions

    Rob, please provide an updated FAQ addressing the following:
    1. With a major housing project in the middle of town, would that not increase number of children posing risk to quality of education?
    2. People come here for rural country look/feel and for the excellent schools, but a cookie cutter affordable housing projects will destroy that. That land too will be gone forever leaving us without the beauty that exists and with a stressed school system. Why is cutting down all those trees, putting in housing projects, increasing automobiles jamming traffic patterns, creating a need for more first responders a benefit for those who DO NOT live in the TIF district?
    3. Tax guarantees benefit the town from new assessment values and the developers INSIDE the TIF District, but couldn’t the required increase in services for the new housing project raise taxes for those outside the TIF district?
    4. Is there more risk for TIF projects that are more focused on ‘affordable housing’ vs commerce based projects?
    5. One argument in favor of your plan is that towns around us are doing it too, but wouldn’t this compound the first issue in this comment by an even larger headcount stressing the schools and putting tax liability on those outside the TIF district not to mention Cumberland